Friday, July 5, 2013

Dragons among us!

Today I'm reviewing the Dracones anthology. I love me some dragons. It's always interesting to see how different authors write dragons. So this was fun to have multiple stories to go off of.

Fugue in Gold and Fire by Avery Vanderlyle
Adri and Dru are waiting for the purple moon and Vesti's light which will decide who changes into an animal shape or not. This was a good story, of two men hoping that through the change they wont forget each other and their love. I'm usually a little sketchy on stories where the main characters are already in love, cause I really enjoy the whole falling in love part. This, however did a really good job of showing how much these two men love each other and the challenges they go through when one of them changes into something a little bigger than expected lol.

Teller of Tales by D.K. Jernigan
This one was a fun spin on the writing world. Tom's job is to read through stories at a publishing agency and decide what would be worth approval and what get's put in the decline pile. After reading the first chapter of an amazing story he finds the author lives in the same town as they are in and schedules to meet him. Tom soon discovers how Peter knows so much about this special world he's written. It was a fun read. I liked the publishing company side of it.

Weird Magics by E.E. Ottoman
Cyras and Daire have an odd relationship of patient and doctor. Murders start happening to other non humans they work together to not only help Daire but the others out there. Murder, suspense and dragons. Not your average tale, but it had a nice action packed ending.

Chanson Commencante de Guerre by Lor Rose
Dragons and dragon shifters don't mix. There's been a war between the two for a long time. Rayvak is a recluse dragon, banished from his kind. Stormy is a dragon shifter who was being attacked on Rayvak's land. Rayvak steps in and saves him. This story is sweet. Sometimes you have to look past what everyone else says about who you love.

Two in the Bush by E.R. Karr
David and Ferdi went camping together. Ferdie needed a chance to stretch his wings in his dragon form, but things don't go as planned. This story was really cool, and very out of the ordinary, but they were very funny together and it had a cool ending.

Finding the Rain by Tam Ames
Buwei has been selected to bring offerings to Lord Shenlong with hopes that he'll bring the rain. When he gets up to the temple he meets Tian. This story was really sweet yet sad. Great job on really catching the emotions in this story.

Lukos Heat by Megan Derr
Shifters come in all shapes and sizes. A group of shifters are on the hunt for someone accused of an attempted assassination, among them a dragon who does not like the cold. They meet up with the Lukos, large wolf shifters who are there to help. I love how the two main characters banded together and also kept each other safe. They kept the heat going. Really great read.

This was a fun read and I was not dissappointed. Still love me some dragons! You can find them here!

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