Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cougar Wants by Cooper McKenzie

Cougar Wants During a weekend with her two lifelong friends, Kimber Jordan decides she wants to become a cougar. When financial difficulties arise, she chooses to rent a room rather than ask friends or family for help. When the pizza delivery guy asks to rent the room, Kimber is intrigued. He’s younger, gorgeous, and makes her dream of things she’d forgotten. Tate Pierce, a cougar shape-shifter, has worked multiple jobs for so long he doesn’t remember what free time is. When he delivers Kimber’s pizza, he realizes she is his lifemate. He doesn’t care that she is an older woman. She is sexy and beautiful and everything he wants in his mate. When work comes between them, Kimber takes drastic measures to show him there is more to life than work. Can Kimber help Tate change his life goals to include her? Will this cub be able to tame his cougar?

Book one in the Cougarlicious series. Kimber and her friends decide to become cougars. Sounds simple right? Go out, find hot young thing to bring home, have happily ever after! How do you manage to find someone though when you work out of your home, and don’t really leave much. Easy! Order pizza. J  I got the first two in this series to read at the same time, which was good because by the time I was done with the first one I was raring to go for the next. This is a steamy and sweet read that goes to show you that age doesn’t matter. No matter how old you get, you still deserve love, and some hot steamy sex.  Now I would like to know when my pizza place is going to find hot people to deliver my pizza ;-)

4 ½ Smooches!!

You can find Cougar Wants here!

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