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Dear Soldier, With Love 1 & 2

Dear Soldier, With Love...

A mysterious love letter, no name and no return address shows up in a soldier’s hands looking for her lost Beloved Soldier, unable to find him to reaches out to a soldier who perhaps no longer feels the reach of his woman hoping to touch someone that will in turn bring back her beloved.

Army Specialist Christian Brice was the first to receive the letter coming only a month after his fiancĂ© had sent him a Dear John, so moved and touched he writes her back, but unable to send it directly he shares both the letter and his correspondence with others like him and thus begins the journey of a woman’s heartfelt words across a war torn area to deliver a sweet kiss to those who need to feel it.

Word spreads of the Beloved Woman and so does the number of correspondences, some of passion and appreciation, others sharing a far more open and sensual fantasy with her, each one added to the bundle that carries her from one soldier to the next, until she lands in the hands of Airforce Senior Airman Miles Conley who comes across the man it was intended for.

This was a very hard story to read. Not because it was bad, but because it was a very emotional tale. I have a hard time with anything war related. I'm a mushy emotional person, so I get choked up pretty easy. This was for sure one of those times. It's heart wrenching to know that so many people are affected by things just like what we hear in this story. I did feel like I was waiting for it to settle on one person, which it did a little bit at the end, but you don't really get to know the characters as well as you do with a story focused on very specific people. I loved the concept though, it was an original thought, and I liked that it was something out of the norm.

3 1/2 Smooches for Dear Soldier, With Love! You can find it here!

Dear Soldier, With Love: A Lost Soldier Named Grey

Chief Warrant Officer V Grey Lawrence never once stopped to consider what he was doing or why, just being there for Nathan Blaise, a Senior Technician of Explosives Ordinance Disposal, who'd just lost his leg from a mission gone wrong, seemed to be the right thing to do. And somehow Grey found some renewing comfort of his own when he was with him. Only Nathan would be transferring home back to the state-side of the world soon, Grey still had the war's wounded to deal with here. So why was he doing this to himself? Reasons only a past Dear John letter and the restored heart he found when he read the touching words written by an anonymous woman, the soldiers had penned 'the Beloved Woman' could explain. Perhaps those two things plus the half of a wounded man who could heal Grey's own dark half would deliver him to a future he never imagined or expected for himself again.

This is the second one in the series. I have to say I liked this one a lot better than the first one. I really enjoyed the interaction between Grey and Nathan. It was a really emotional tale about two soldiers who are both having a hard time getting past the horrors they have seen and are still dealing with and how they heal each other. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be in either of their positions. This one totally made me cry as I watched (read, same thing!) Grey and Nathan work on getting past both physical and emotional pain. Good job!

I give A Lost Soldier Named Grey 4 1/2 smooches! You can find it here!

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  1. I read both of these books. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into the soldiers lives in the first book Dear Soldier, With Love. I had a different take on the story than you. (no offense) I felt the story did focus on one persons story, the Beloved Woman's story. Her letter did exactly what she wanted it to do. It helped not only heal but also gave hope to others and fired dreams for the future. Which in times of war must be fleeting. I was hoping these fine Authors Talon PS and Princess SO would revisit this story and give us more on some of the soldiers stories. *grins wide* Enter book 2.

    In - A Lost Soldier Named Grey we were given the treat of Grey's story continuing. After everything Grey goes through and continues to go through as a first response medical Doctor/Chopper Pilot he also receives a Dear John letter. Grey built a brick wall around his heart but he was one of the lucky ones who actually seen and responded to the Beloved Woman. Thank the gods because if she had not made a crack in that wall I think Grey and Nathan would have missed out on having a chance at the dream we all have. But can two men broken in half help heal the others wounds. Maybe with the help of some unexpected friends who not only have glue to help put them back together but also a hammer to break the bad stuff away they will get there.

    I highly suggest these stories. You will laugh, get angry and shed tears of heart break and joy!