Monday, December 31, 2012

On the seventh day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the seventh day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me....

A book by Lee Brazil!

Please help us welcome Author Lee Brazil to our lovely book cave. 

Author:  Lee Brazil

Intro:  I am a former English grammar andcomposition instructor who relocated from sunny Southern California to thecountryside of Illinoisa bit more than a year ago. I occupy my days here with gardening, reading andwriting. Falling in love has been the biggest adventure of my life, and I hopeto share that with readers through my writing.

Today's question is: 

Would you consider writing a kinky Santa story?

Lee says: No, I don't think so. To me, Santa is an icon ofchildhood, innocence, purity. Kink? Not so much. It would be like defiling theEaster Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.

Our giveaway today is a copy of The Interview. To enter for a chance to win a copy leave a comment letting us know if you would read a kinky Santa story or if you feel it's best to keep Santa's innocence!

When Ben learns his lover's business travel means he'll be gone for the holidays, he begins to rethink their relationship. Ben's family steps up to keep him busy, but does he dare ask Cris to put him before the job?

Find it here at All Romance!

Check out what previous authors have said on if they would write a kinky story:

Lissa said: Maybe. I don’t write a lot of kink in general, maybesomething more romantic?

Daniel said: Sure, why not

Havan said: Oh absolutely! I mean have you seen the way that he whips those reins?*swoons* He is sooooo Dom...

Kimber said: Lol oh absolutely!

Hank said: I kind of have, twice now! One is posting this monthand involves a stripper pole, the other will be included in my self-publishedshort story collection Another Very Dirty Dozen, and is titled “Maul Santa.”

DC said: You know, I would've said yes to this a few weeks ago,but I recently read one and I have to say… it was just icky. So… no. ::shakeshead::

Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the sixth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the sixth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from DC Juris!

Missy and I are excited to welcome Author DC Juris, also known as Danny, to our book cave!

Author:  DC Juris

Intro:  A Southern transplant who has retained none of his accent but all of his charm, DC Juris is an out and proud transgender bisexual living in Upstate New York with his husband, four dogs, three cats, and a menagerie of Halloween props just creepy enough to keep people guessing about his sanity. He's still hopelessly single when it comes to the woman in his life, and he'll gladly entertain offers or applications for the position! In the rare event that he's not writing, DC can be found surfing the internet for random research, killing things on his Xbox, reading, taking pictures of the world around him, or playing Farmville, to which he admits a complete and totally blissful addiction. You can keep up with him at, or

Today's question is:

What is the most rewarding gift you've ever given?

Danny says: I did an Angel Tree present on year. The Salvation Army sets up Christmas trees decorated with cards bearing kids' names and what they want and need on them, and you pick one. You buy the presents, bring it back to the tree, and then the parents get to wrap it so the kids think Santa/they bought the stuff. I picked a couple kids and went shopping for them. I got things they needed, like coats, shoes, etc., but I also got toys as well, because, it's Christmas after all. A month or so later, I saw a little girl wearing a coat like the one I'd bought. I figured, meh, there's probably hundreds of little girls running around in that coat, and then her mother called her name, and I recognized it from my tree card. That was very cool, seeing her in her coat and some clothing I'd bought her. I like doing stuff like that.

Our giveaway today is a copy of Family Matters! To enter for a chance to win leave a comment telling us the most rewarding gift you've ever given! 

Blurb: Chains? Check. Lube? Check. Popsicles? Check!! Oscar and his transgender lover, Derek, are all set for a long weekend of some much needed--and not just a little bit kinky--alone time. When Derek gets an invitation to a get-together from his mother, Oscar is excited for the chance to finally meet Derek's elusive family, even if it'll cut their "festivities" short. But he soon learns the reasons why he hasn't met them yet - the majority of Derek's family, including his mother, are trans-phobic  Oscar and Derek attend the function anyway, but the stress sends Derek into an all-night migraine, and Oscar is forced to look for help from the last person he wants to: Derek's mom, Beverly. Can Oscar convince Beverly that Derek is her child, regardless of gender? Or will Beverly's narrow-minded ways split her family apart for good?

Find it here at Breathless Press!

Check out what previous authors had to say on what the most rewarding gift they've ever given was:

Lissa: I think putting my writing out there is pretty rewarding. It’s a little longer term to have a story that people might remember, than to just give them a gift card or even an e-reader. I guess if people don’t like the stories then it’s not a reward for them, but since it’s more work than shopping and wrapping and all that will ever be, it’s probably the best I can offer.

Daniel: For the past two years Ben and I volunteer our Christmas morning at the local rescue mission. We help prepare and serve a lot of the needy in the area, and those less fortunate than we are. It is very rewarding, and makes you take a moment and appreciate all that you do have. So many have much less.

Havan: Um...rewarding for me or him? Okay, we'll stick with sweet and innocent here and say every year my kiddos want gift cards to bookstores, that always makes me happy happy. :)

Kimber: The years I can give something to a child that isn't going to get Christmas. That's my most rewarding gift. Children lose their innocence too quickly these days. The real world is only a few short years away. They should have it as long as they can. 

Hank: I love giving gifts. Six or seven years ago, we had a nice flow of cash and I took someone I worked with at the time who became a very good friend to the mall under pretense of buying something for another friend. We looked at iPods, and I asked her which she thought was best, and at lunch afterwards, I handed it to her and wished her Merry Christmas. That was a lot of fun.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the fifth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the fifth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from Hank Edwards!

Jenny and I are excited to welcome Hank to our little cave!

Intro:  Hank Edwards has been called "silly" and "irreverent" and "a dirty old man," and all of these descriptions are true. He was born and still lives in a northwest suburb of Detroit, MI, and has been fortunate enough to see seven novels published, including the Charlie Heggensford series of adventures available from Lethe Press: "Fluffers, Inc.," "Carnal Cruise," and "Vancouver Nights." Another four books are available from Loose Id, LLC, including the suspense novella "Holed Up," and sequel "Shacked Up," the medieval time-travel romance "Destiny's Bastard," and the contemporary romantic comedy "Plus Ones."

He is also a member of the Story Orgy group (, a clan of writers who started posting prompt-inspired stories every week on their blogs. "And the Prompt Is... Volume One," "And the Prompt Is... Holiday Edition," “And the Prompt Is… Road Trip,” and "Word Play," are the available anthologies, and all are available in Kindle format.

Here is today's question!

Do you have a favorite Christmas story?

Hank says: I love Rudolph. Not just the animated special (which still totally rocks, decades later, by the way), but the story itself. As a child growing up feeling different from every one else, it helped me feel better about being such an individual.

Our giveaway today is a copy of book one in the Venom Valley Series - Bounty. To enter to win a copy leave a comment telling us your favorite Christmas story!

In the small frontier town of Belkin’s Pass, Josh Stanton’s past has kept him from being accepted by everyone else. Raised by the local school teacher after his mother vanished one dark night, Josh has made only one true friend the fifteen years he’s lived there: Dexter Wells. When a tragedy teaches Josh he has the ability to raise the dead, he becomes a wanted man and flees on horseback into the arid plains of Venom Valley. Pursued by Dex, now a town deputy, the two realize their friendship has deepened into love and they struggle to move forward without destroying their bond of friendship. But a dark stranger pursues them, a man who stalks the night, feeding on the blood of the living and leaving his victims changed. Josh and Dex join forces with Glory, a half white, half Indian saloon girl protected by a Native American spirit, and struggle to defeat this powerful vampire before the entire town is lost.

“Josh!” Dex knelt in front of him and grabbed his shoulders. He gave Josh a rough shake, but Josh could not focus. All he knew, all he could feel, was the heated rush of his blood.

Dex pulled Josh against him, hugging him against his chest. As if through a wall of rushing sound, Josh heard the crack of Dex’s Colt and felt the jump of the man’s shoulder as Dex held off the wolves. Then Dex had his hands under Josh’s arms and was dragging him across the hard packed sand and dirt to the mine entrance. Josh tried to speak, tried to warn Dex not to get any closer, but his tongue was hot and swollen behind his teeth.

Josh felt himself spin around, and then Dex sat him up against the weathered and rotting boards that covered the old mine entrance. Cool, dank air washed over him, bringing with it a hint of things left too long in the damp. The cool air chilled his fevered, sweaty skin and Josh shivered. His senses returned a little, and he watched Dex kneeling before him, protecting him, waving the burning branch at the advancing wolves as he shouted. Dex was saving his bullets, Josh knew, for when the wolves were close enough for them to feel their breath.

Soft, skittering sounds whispered out of the mine. Shuffling, crackling sounds that sent a familiar chill through him. Someone, something, was moving behind the rotting boards that covered the mine entrance. Josh slowly turned his head, the rugged, splintered surface of the board beneath catching in his sweat-damp hair.

A face with skin dry as parchment hovered just on the other side of a gap in the boards. Rotted teeth stuck up from brown gums and a milky white eye rolled to meet Josh’s gaze. The thing let out a rank gasp of air as it moaned and stuck skeletal fingers through the narrow gap, the tips brushing along Josh’s cheek.

He gave a start, the touch of the thing snapping him from his daze even as the heat in his body burned hotter. More fingers from other walking corpses reached out for him. Josh pushed away from the boards that covered the mine, letting out a shout of fear. As he watched, a number of bone thin hands gripped the edges of the boards and pulled them apart, making a path for the walking dead miners to shuffle out toward them.

Find it here at Amazon, All Romance, Smashwords & B&N!

Check out what the previous authors have to say about if they have a favorite Christmas Story:

Lissa: No. Though one of the ones I read last year was pretty memorable. I Heard Him Exclaim by ZA Maxfield. I liked the skinny Santa thing.

Daniel: I think this year will be the best one yet for us. It is the first year we will celebrate the holidays as a family of 4.

Havan: The Gift of the Magi is always a fave of mine...but there are a lot out there that I just have to read this time of year...every year *big smiles*

Kimber: Wow. That kinda caught me off-guard. I haven't thought of a Christmas story in years. I think The Cajun Night Before Christmas would be my favorite or what I think of in terms of a Christmas story,  I guess.

Friday, December 28, 2012

On the fourth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the fourth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book by Kimber Kahn!

We are welcoming today to our book cave Author Kimber Kahn! Thank you for joining us today!

Author:  Kimber Kahn

Intro:  My name is Kimber Kahn (it’s my alter ego…SHH…don’t tell anyone. LOL). I enjoy singing, reading (I’ve always got a book in hand), and plotting the lives of the fictional characters that continue to turn up in my head.  When I’m not riding herd on my two youngest boys about homework or chores, I’m either at my evil day job or in front of my computer looking at smexy men.  It’s for research, I swear!

Here's today's question!

Do you have a favorite movie to watch for Christmas?

Kimber says: LOL The Christmas Story. It's usually on at least once during the holiday season.

Our giveaway today is another copy of Winter Heat! To enter for a chance to win a copy tell us what your favorite movie to watch for Christmas!

Kimber Kahn - Fated - Home. Family. To most, those words bring thoughts of safety and joy. To Ryan Daniels, they bring guilt and pain. Returning to the place he grew up, the place he left behind, he finds something he never bargained for and didn't know he was missing until the afternoon he bumped into Stuart Vaughn.

Get it here at All Romance!

Check out to see what previous authors have to say about what movies they like to watch for Christmas:

Lissa: Veggie Tales Christmas with Buzz Saw Louie. The songs are frickin hilarious. “oh Santa, I just can’t wait for you to come, I just can’t wait for you to come, and I have cookies, three yummy cookies!

Daniel: A Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation … we watch them EVERY year.

Havan: Emmet Otter's Jugband fave Christmas show ev-vah!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

On the third day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the first day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from Havan Fellows!

We are super excited to welcome back Havan Fellows to our blog.

Author:  Havan Fellows

Intro:  I annoy, love, respect, scare, seduce, hurt, anger, infatuate, frustrate, flatter, envy, amuse and tolerate everyone. I just do it better in writing thanks to a little thing called . . . edits
I'm a mild mannered person (well, when no one is riling up the Italian in me) with an extraordinary imagination just itching to get under your skin. I enjoy getting lost in a book or two a day and never want to be found. Please email me with all the pros and cons you can muster up, debating is a favorite pastime! ;)

Today's question is: 

What is your favorite holiday dish?

Havan says: Well, if you mean a dinner dish I'm a dressing fanatic, preferably with giblets and lots of it...if you are talking just anything you may put in your mouth during the holiday season...ahhhh...White Christmas coffee *winks*

Our giveaway today is a any book on Havan's backlist including A Trace of Christmas Spirit. To enter to win a copy leave a comment telling us about your favorite holiday dish.

Ever since his brother's death, Camden doesn't do Christmas. This is exactly what he plans to tell his bigoted parents on what will be his last Christmas trip up north. But when he gets snowed-in with the eccentric and way too jolly Trace, just maybe spirits can be revived.

Find it here at All Romance!

Check out what previous authors have to say about what their favorite holiday dish is:

Lissa: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, all mixed together till it’s almost soup. That’s the best.

Daniel: Homemade fantasy fudge (I really want to know what this is!) 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the second day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

One the second day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from Daniel B. Johns!

Jenny and I are happy to introduce newly published Author Daniel B. Johns! Give him a warm welcome to our humble dwelling. We're very excited to have him!

Author: Daniel B. Johns

IntroDaniel B. Johns works a forty hours a week to support the habit he calls ART. He is a self taught artist of many mediums. You might find him painting with acrylics on canvas, working with clay, or designing t-shirts, and now he finds the time to write stories. Daniel is a native of Tennessee and lives on a rural farm with his partner, Ben and their two adopted sons.

Here is today's question!

What is the best present you've ever received?

Danny says: Three guys that I call my family…Ben, Jake, Travis. 

Our giveaway today is a copy of Winter heat! 10 winter themed stories to keep you cozy. For a chance to win tell us what the best present you've ever received is.

Daniel B. Johns - Mirrors In The Attic - My name is Stanley Nelson and I am a psychic working with the Boston Police. My notoriety comes from a voice in my head. When evil threatens my life I run to free the only person who can help me, Luchien. Along the way, I meet Deke Bridges, a Nantucket handyman who harbors a secret that ties us together. Will good win out over evil? Can love survive no matter what the cost?
My name is Stanley Nelson...wish me luck.

Get it here at All Romance

Check out what previous authors have to say about what the best present they've ever received is:

Lissa: I don’t really get much by way of presents, never really have. Mostly I buy myself something nice and call it a day. I think my best self present ever was my first BJD, which I still have, and is of Luts Lu-wen, the first Seiran.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the first day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me....

On the first day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from Lissa Kasey!

Missy and I would like to welcome the fabulous Lissa Kasey to our cave on the first day of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all.

Author:  Lissa Kasey

Intro:  Lissa Kasey lives in St. Paul, MN, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, and collects Asian Ball Joint Dolls who look like her characters. She has three cats who enjoy waking her up an hour before her alarm every morning and sitting on her lap to help her write. She can often be found at Anime Conventions masquerading as random characters when she's not writing about boy romance.

Here is our first question! 

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Lissa says: The extra days off. I do a lot of sleeping. Like for Thanksgiving I slept two of the four days off. Xmas will be much the same. It’s the only time of the year I can be guaranteed extra sleep.

Our giveaway today is any book on Lissa's back list  For a chance to win leave a comment with your favorite holiday tradition!

Seiran Rou knows life isn’t a romance novel, but he didn’t expect the honeymoon to end so soon. After a rough four months of people either trying to break up his relationship with vampire Gabe Santini or kill them both, now their own inability to communicate is getting in the way. Overwhelmed by his upcoming graduation from the magic studies program and jealous of Gabe’s mentorship of Sam, Sei wants to run away from it all. 

When he inherits his late father’s house in California, it’s the perfect opportunity to escape. But he soon discovers his father’s past holds many secrets. The more Sei learns about his family, the deeper he finds himself drawn into the bowels of Ascendance horrors. Even his bond with Gabe may not be able to keep the earth from taking him.

Find it here at Dreamspinner!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December is here!

December is here and we have exciting things coming up this month. We are hosting our first ever blog party!  Starting Christmas day we will be having 12 days of great authors and giveaways! Check out who is coming to party at our place!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Patient Privilege by Allison Cassatta

Okay first we're sorry it took so long for us to get another review done. It's been a crazy few weeks for us. Now we are ready to bring you another great read! Here we go!

We read Patient Privilege by Allison Cassatta. Missy and I had quite the discussion about this one. We both agreed that it was a great read. This does not fall into the quick smut read. It makes you think, really think. Allison really pulls you into her world. You start out with a tragic tale of Angel who has a serious drug addiction problem and Jon, the boy trying to save him from himself. He finally decides to get help and meets Erik a doctor at a clinic trying to make sure Erik gets help. Erik also has his own past issues to deal with, especially considering his own challenges lost him Marshall, the man he thought he'd love forever. It was heart wrenching seeing the struggle that both Angel and Erik went through while also trying to deal with the other men in their lives and finding they see something special in each other.

It was a really great story. The only thing we both wished was to have a little more on Jon and Marshall. We both felt like there was a little more going on with them. We felt like Marshall might have been up to something sneaky, and wanted to know if he was or not.

We loved it though, and would definitely recommend it! We give Patient Privilege 4 1/2 smooches!

Get it:
here at Silver Publishing!
here at All Romance!
here at Amazon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interview with the fabulous Havan Fellows!

Today we are interviewing Miss Havan Fellows, author of Geoff’s Teddy. Come on into our lair! Can I wear my purple B.W.U. cape while she’s here? Can I? Can I? Hey Jenny does this cape make my butt look big?

No dear, you look fabulous! Do you think my boots are too high? This mask is making my eyes itch. Big hugs for Havan! Thank you for coming today!!Welcome to Book Whores United’s secret lair! Come have a seat here with Missy and me on our big comfy couch. We made you a steaming cup of coffee; Missy knows you are fond of it. J Okay I’m going to get us started
Jenny: When did you first start writing?

Havan: Hold it now...this isn't my first rodeo you know, though normally I'm asking the questions...*sits between my two hot hosts...wiggles hips back and forth to make sure I get optimum touching happening* okay *sighs* Thank you two lovelies for having me *winks*...okay...I'm ready...let's see...I first began writing when I was a young started with tall tales I told my family members—they liked them and I realized I liked entertaining them...what a win/win right? lol By the way—love the cape and the assets *waggles brow*

Missy: How do you research to come up with a visual setting to help your reader visualize where the book is taking place?

Havan: Well, with the Synchronous Seductions series I used towns I've been to—so I just typed what I knew. But with my Djin series that is coming out soon, well a lot of those places are completely fictional...for good reason

Jenny: Where do you do most of your writing?

Havan: Bedroom...well you know if I have to stop and act something out to make sure it is legit...*whistles and looks away all innocent like*...oh yeah—and because the kiddos aren't in there as much as the rest of the house...*heads desk*

Missy: Oh oh I have one! If you were a lollypop who would you want to lick you?

Havan: Wait—I can only pick one person?

Jenny: LOL okay if you could tell your readers one thing, what would you say?

Havan: Thank you. Thank you for giving me a go...and if you liked it thank you for enjoying my writing...if you didn't like it thank you for at least trying it. I know I won't be to every one's taste—some of my main characters are a tad know just a little bit *eye roll*...but some of them aren't. I try to write diverse main characters because that is what I see every time I step outside...diversity. :)

Missy: When is your favorite time of day to write, morning or night?

Havan: If I can wake up early enough morning is good—but the majority of my writing takes place at night. Either way the moon is usually out and it is

Jenny: Have you ever been taken by a werewolf?

Havan: Not to dinner I haven't...humph.

Missy: How did you become a member of the Story Orgy?

Havan: A little bit of luck and a whole lot of stalking...lmao. You see, Lee Brazil saw Em Woods do a prompt flash on her blog and he liked it, so he did one with her the next week. Well, of course I had to get in on that the week after I joined them. After a running joke about how many people it took for it to be an official orgy, we gathered together a few more talented people and viola! The Story Orgy has been dominating Mondays ever since...*big smiles*

Jenny: Do you have favorite characters in your stories?

Havan: Yes I do...but they *points to my head* are always listening so I dare not speak about favorites out loud...*thumps myself on head* No Shan, you are not my favorite! *growls* Djin, they think they are the cherry on top...even if they are blue...*giggles*

Missy: When you read do you prefer fantasy or paranormal?

Havan: I read all genres basically—it depends more on the story and less on the genre I think. I love fantasy and, between you two and me sometimes I have trouble telling them apart—but don't tell anyone, that is like a wussy thing for a writer to admit to *blushes*.

Thank you for joining us today and popping our interview cherry ;-)

Havan: Oh boy...I feel like we should all be nibbling on chocolate covered cherries while smoking or something...hehe. Thank you both for having me—I loved it! Anytime you want me again...I do love multiples...*winks*

It’s a great pleasure to have you here.  Don’t forget to check out Havan’s story Geoff’s Teddy, available now!

Geoff's Teddy
Book 3 of Synchronous Seductions

Fuzzy is an unsatisfied ladies' man. Geoff's a bear-loving man who satisfies. Problem? Convincing a straight man that satisfaction might be just around the bend.

Overall Fuzzy has a good life. He loves his family & friends, he enjoys his job and he never hurts for a date. The ladies seem to love the furry Fuzzy -- so why does he feel like he's missing out? And why does a surprise dinner with a strange man interest him more than a flirty hot waitress?

Geoff knows who he is and what he's after. He's searching for a big hairy man to wrap around him. But none have been right -- until he's manipulated into dinner with Fuzzy. Tall and broad, Fuzzy claims he lives up to his name. Everything that Geoff wants in a boyfriend. Except Fuzzy is straight.

When an opportunity arises -- Fuzzy is obliged to crash at Geoff's for the night -- Geoff works his derriere off to see what else he can make arise. Because he's determined to capture this Fuzzy wuzzy all for himself.

You can find Geoff's Teddy @ Breathless Press, Amazon & All Romance ebooks (ARe)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Geoff's Teddy by Havan Fellows

Okay so we had a slight delay in posting here at Book Whores United. It was a celebration weekend at Jenny's house with her small clones birth celebration; and Missy was traversing the wilds on vacation!

Today we are reviewing Geoff's Teddy by the fabulous Havan Fellows!

~Missy~ I loved Geoff's Teddy! The characters were very believable to me and I loved how Fuzzy was open minded and realized that he was attracted to Geoff and went with it instead of fighting it. There were a lot of scenes that had me cracking up and really enjoying all of the characters, not only the main ones. 

~Jenny~ I'm fully on board with Missy on this one. I had so much fun reading this. As a lover of big fuzzy men this was great. Fuzzy is this great bear of a ladies man who's totally bored with the whole dating scene who gets conned by his boss into eating with Geoff. I really like the dynamics between the characters. Geoff may be small but he's still all man and has no problem showing it. 

And Fuzzy's coming out scene was soo f-ing funny!

Yeah, I loved that. with the crazy mom and quiet dad, who must be at least 7 feet tall! lol

Anyways, no more spoiling it. You should just go read it! It's definitely a five smoocher from the Book Whores United!

Buy it here!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton

We had quite the time figuring out what we wanted to read first. After much collaboration and reviewing of what books we both decided to start with this one. : ) Missy get's to go first since I'm typing : p

Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton

I am split on this story. I really enjoyed the characters and the location that it was at (I don't live too far from where it takes place), but it was a little too much BDSM for me. I'm not totally against it, but the master/slave isn't really something I get into reading about. The book was very well written and I enjoyed it. I especially liked Uncle Tad : D I would still recommend it to others.  ~Missy~

Okay my turn! I loved this story!! I am definitely more into the BDSM scene then Missy is. (Nothing wrong with that) I really enjoyed the dynamics between the characters and the peek into a whole other world that not a lot of authors write on. This definitely appealed to my kinky side as well as my mushy side in the three way dynamic that was going on. I'm not aware of the area but I could picture what it would be like. I would also recommend this book. ~Jenny~

So over all we give Safe Harbor 4 Smooches! For a very good ready with interesting characters and a great story line!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Here is the scoop on the blog ladies!

Howdy! My name's Jenny and I'm a happily married mommy of one who LOVES to read. Books have always been my refuge and my passion. I'm a writer, singer, artist, and quite the oddball. I read anything from m/f to m/m/m/m/m/m/m and anything in between, sappy romances to kinky couples. I've yet to find something I hated. I am all about all things love!

Hi! My name is Missy! My favorite books are m/m romance and paranormal. Combine the two and I'm in hog heaven lol. I read a lot because I find it helps my sanity! I'm a mother of two adult children, my youngest is autistic. I also like playing on my PlayStation.