Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the sixth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the sixth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from DC Juris!

Missy and I are excited to welcome Author DC Juris, also known as Danny, to our book cave!

Author:  DC Juris

Intro:  A Southern transplant who has retained none of his accent but all of his charm, DC Juris is an out and proud transgender bisexual living in Upstate New York with his husband, four dogs, three cats, and a menagerie of Halloween props just creepy enough to keep people guessing about his sanity. He's still hopelessly single when it comes to the woman in his life, and he'll gladly entertain offers or applications for the position! In the rare event that he's not writing, DC can be found surfing the internet for random research, killing things on his Xbox, reading, taking pictures of the world around him, or playing Farmville, to which he admits a complete and totally blissful addiction. You can keep up with him at, or

Today's question is:

What is the most rewarding gift you've ever given?

Danny says: I did an Angel Tree present on year. The Salvation Army sets up Christmas trees decorated with cards bearing kids' names and what they want and need on them, and you pick one. You buy the presents, bring it back to the tree, and then the parents get to wrap it so the kids think Santa/they bought the stuff. I picked a couple kids and went shopping for them. I got things they needed, like coats, shoes, etc., but I also got toys as well, because, it's Christmas after all. A month or so later, I saw a little girl wearing a coat like the one I'd bought. I figured, meh, there's probably hundreds of little girls running around in that coat, and then her mother called her name, and I recognized it from my tree card. That was very cool, seeing her in her coat and some clothing I'd bought her. I like doing stuff like that.

Our giveaway today is a copy of Family Matters! To enter for a chance to win leave a comment telling us the most rewarding gift you've ever given! 

Blurb: Chains? Check. Lube? Check. Popsicles? Check!! Oscar and his transgender lover, Derek, are all set for a long weekend of some much needed--and not just a little bit kinky--alone time. When Derek gets an invitation to a get-together from his mother, Oscar is excited for the chance to finally meet Derek's elusive family, even if it'll cut their "festivities" short. But he soon learns the reasons why he hasn't met them yet - the majority of Derek's family, including his mother, are trans-phobic  Oscar and Derek attend the function anyway, but the stress sends Derek into an all-night migraine, and Oscar is forced to look for help from the last person he wants to: Derek's mom, Beverly. Can Oscar convince Beverly that Derek is her child, regardless of gender? Or will Beverly's narrow-minded ways split her family apart for good?

Find it here at Breathless Press!

Check out what previous authors had to say on what the most rewarding gift they've ever given was:

Lissa: I think putting my writing out there is pretty rewarding. It’s a little longer term to have a story that people might remember, than to just give them a gift card or even an e-reader. I guess if people don’t like the stories then it’s not a reward for them, but since it’s more work than shopping and wrapping and all that will ever be, it’s probably the best I can offer.

Daniel: For the past two years Ben and I volunteer our Christmas morning at the local rescue mission. We help prepare and serve a lot of the needy in the area, and those less fortunate than we are. It is very rewarding, and makes you take a moment and appreciate all that you do have. So many have much less.

Havan: Um...rewarding for me or him? Okay, we'll stick with sweet and innocent here and say every year my kiddos want gift cards to bookstores, that always makes me happy happy. :)

Kimber: The years I can give something to a child that isn't going to get Christmas. That's my most rewarding gift. Children lose their innocence too quickly these days. The real world is only a few short years away. They should have it as long as they can. 

Hank: I love giving gifts. Six or seven years ago, we had a nice flow of cash and I took someone I worked with at the time who became a very good friend to the mall under pretense of buying something for another friend. We looked at iPods, and I asked her which she thought was best, and at lunch afterwards, I handed it to her and wished her Merry Christmas. That was a lot of fun.


  1. I have an Aunt who is retired that used to live in the South and I found a mystery series that was set in the same region. She's gotten the whole series now, so I'm not sure what I'll do to top that because she talks it up to EVERYONE she knows! I was her book of the month club starting last Christmas through to this last one.

  2. The most rewarding gift would be the complete Anita Blake set on Pdf file :D

  3. The most rewarding gift is spending time with family.