Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the second day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

One the second day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book from Daniel B. Johns!

Jenny and I are happy to introduce newly published Author Daniel B. Johns! Give him a warm welcome to our humble dwelling. We're very excited to have him!

Author: Daniel B. Johns

IntroDaniel B. Johns works a forty hours a week to support the habit he calls ART. He is a self taught artist of many mediums. You might find him painting with acrylics on canvas, working with clay, or designing t-shirts, and now he finds the time to write stories. Daniel is a native of Tennessee and lives on a rural farm with his partner, Ben and their two adopted sons.

Here is today's question!

What is the best present you've ever received?

Danny says: Three guys that I call my family…Ben, Jake, Travis. 

Our giveaway today is a copy of Winter heat! 10 winter themed stories to keep you cozy. For a chance to win tell us what the best present you've ever received is.

Daniel B. Johns - Mirrors In The Attic - My name is Stanley Nelson and I am a psychic working with the Boston Police. My notoriety comes from a voice in my head. When evil threatens my life I run to free the only person who can help me, Luchien. Along the way, I meet Deke Bridges, a Nantucket handyman who harbors a secret that ties us together. Will good win out over evil? Can love survive no matter what the cost?
My name is Stanley Nelson...wish me luck.

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Check out what previous authors have to say about what the best present they've ever received is:

Lissa: I don’t really get much by way of presents, never really have. Mostly I buy myself something nice and call it a day. I think my best self present ever was my first BJD, which I still have, and is of Luts Lu-wen, the first Seiran.


  1. The best present I have ever gotten is LIFE! Each day I wake up with a new present: another day to spend with my family, loved ones, have new experiences, laugh, and smile!

    Pretty cheesy answer but, I really do believe each day is a gift and should be enjoyed to the FULLEST! :)

    and also...Good luck Stanley! Sounds like a great story!

  2. That's easy!! My daughter was born a week before Christmas. Most precious gift ever!! Great choice to showcase girls!!

  3. The christmas preseants the kids make at school.