Monday, October 15, 2012

Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton

We had quite the time figuring out what we wanted to read first. After much collaboration and reviewing of what books we both decided to start with this one. : ) Missy get's to go first since I'm typing : p

Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton

I am split on this story. I really enjoyed the characters and the location that it was at (I don't live too far from where it takes place), but it was a little too much BDSM for me. I'm not totally against it, but the master/slave isn't really something I get into reading about. The book was very well written and I enjoyed it. I especially liked Uncle Tad : D I would still recommend it to others.  ~Missy~

Okay my turn! I loved this story!! I am definitely more into the BDSM scene then Missy is. (Nothing wrong with that) I really enjoyed the dynamics between the characters and the peek into a whole other world that not a lot of authors write on. This definitely appealed to my kinky side as well as my mushy side in the three way dynamic that was going on. I'm not aware of the area but I could picture what it would be like. I would also recommend this book. ~Jenny~

So over all we give Safe Harbor 4 Smooches! For a very good ready with interesting characters and a great story line!