Monday, October 22, 2012

Geoff's Teddy by Havan Fellows

Okay so we had a slight delay in posting here at Book Whores United. It was a celebration weekend at Jenny's house with her small clones birth celebration; and Missy was traversing the wilds on vacation!

Today we are reviewing Geoff's Teddy by the fabulous Havan Fellows!

~Missy~ I loved Geoff's Teddy! The characters were very believable to me and I loved how Fuzzy was open minded and realized that he was attracted to Geoff and went with it instead of fighting it. There were a lot of scenes that had me cracking up and really enjoying all of the characters, not only the main ones. 

~Jenny~ I'm fully on board with Missy on this one. I had so much fun reading this. As a lover of big fuzzy men this was great. Fuzzy is this great bear of a ladies man who's totally bored with the whole dating scene who gets conned by his boss into eating with Geoff. I really like the dynamics between the characters. Geoff may be small but he's still all man and has no problem showing it. 

And Fuzzy's coming out scene was soo f-ing funny!

Yeah, I loved that. with the crazy mom and quiet dad, who must be at least 7 feet tall! lol

Anyways, no more spoiling it. You should just go read it! It's definitely a five smoocher from the Book Whores United!

Buy it here!

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