Wednesday, July 31, 2013

To the Highest Bidder by Jordan Brewer

In the faraway land of Amerito, Jonathan D'Angelo is a prince, but even a prince must yield to the king's rule. Entirely deprived of affection and loving physical contact, Jonathan spends his days on a strict regimen of study and tutelage, horse training, and weapons techniques.

Exploiting Jonathan's virginity like a bargaining chip, his scheming monarch father arranges two marriages for his son: one with the kind and beautiful prince in the prosperous kingdom of Utica, the other with a king who is a notorious sexual sadist.

After a desperate attempt to avoid the match, Jonathan meets his betrothed Prince Adrian. Immediately enraptured by the young man's beauty, Jonathan learns to fully embrace the union. Under Adrian's tender guidance, Jonathan comes to terms with his sexuality, discovers erotic pleasures, and falls in love.

When the king attempts to destroy their union, Jonathan defies his father and triggers an escalation of monarchical hostility complete with kidnapping, heinous torture, bloody battles, and revolution. Against all odds, Jonathan and Adrian must vanquish their enemies to bring peace, not only to Amerito, but to all kingdoms

This is a beautiful story. Heart wrenching, emotional, drag your heart through the gutters and then put it back together. So many times in this story did I have to pause and get a tissue. I was a mess, but as soon as I wiped my eyes and sniffed a little I dug right back in. I can't even express how touching it was. The Author did an AMAZING job writing these two, and making them human. 

A lot of times we find that our fairytales that we love to read are all insta happy and perfection. This is for sure not one of them. These two go through sooooo much to build their relationship and go from just a marriage of convenience to a solid relationship with love and hope for the future. It's hard too, not just oh we have a couple bumps in the road and we'll be find in a chapter. There's almost dying, a lot of that actually, betrayal and chaos. 

Jordan Brewer you have me hooked. I will be anxiously awaiting anything else of yours that comes out. It was a great story, one I will definitely reread. Once I stock up on some tissues :-)

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