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Giveaway & Special Guest - Kendall McKenna!!

We are happy to have special guest Kendall McKenna on our blog today! We are super excited to hear about her hot marine shifters! Also we are pleased to host a giveaway for book 1 in her Strength of the Pack series. You have until Sunday to enter!

Hello! My name is Kendall McKenna, and I write M/M Erotic Romance novels and novellas. My stories feature characters who are authentically written U.S. Marines, and realistic combat scenes. With me, you get some action and intrigue along with your hot romance!

The lovely and generous Book Whores have allowed me to come visit, have a chat about my new book, and share some hot man-pics!

My new book will release on September 6th. It’s called Strength of the Wolf and it’s the second book in my series, The Tameness of the Wolf. The second book picks up several months after the point where the first book, Strength of the Pack, left off. If the titles weren’t a dead giveaway, let me just clarify that this series of books are about werewolves who are U.S. Marines.

Or maybe it’s about U.S. Marines who are werewolves.

Oh well! Either way, it’s about hot, hard-bodied men who turn into wolves and the human men who fall in the love with them.

I wrote Strength of the Pack almost on a whim. I have read very, very few shifter stories. Not because I don’t like them, but I simply haven’t made a point to seek them out. I’ve enjoyed the very few I have read. It wasn’t until Strength of the Pack was released, that I became aware that the genre has many, many tropes, many ‘rules’, and certain patterns that appear in story after story. Because I’m unaware of most of these, they’re not in Strength of the Pack.

I was halfway through writing book #1 when I realized I had a supporting character on my hands who absolutely needed his own story written. I also realized that I had written certain themes that could easily be developed into overall, multi-story arcs. I sat down to write Strength of the Wolf, and nearly couldn’t stop. My characters took over and I ended up with 119,000 words! (No wonder my arthritis is acting up!)
What I have on my hands is a series, that was only supposed to be a single book, that features werewolves that are fully integrated with humans, are serving openly in the Marine Corps, and are respected to the point of reverence. Readers and reviewers tell me repeatedly that there’s nothing else out there like them, and that I broke a whole lotta rules.

I have to take their words for it, because I still don’t read shifter books!
Curious? Here’s the blurb for Strength of the Pack:

Lieutenant Lucas Young doesn’t know much about shifters. When Sergeant Noah Hammond is assigned to Lucas’ platoon, the Marine Corps’ True Alpha werewolf challenges the Lieutenant’s authority and his self-control. As Lucas learns to dominate and command Noah, he struggles against a strong attraction and deepening emotional bond.
During their combat deployment to Afghanistan, Lucas and Noah begin mirroring legendary partnerships. Their bond and their power grow as they survive dangerous combat and ambushes. When one of them is wounded in battle, they both must embrace the strength of their bond before they lose each other forever.

So, Lucas and Noah have a commanding officer named Tim Madison. Tim’s a smart, competent officer who takes good care of the Marines in his command. He’s strangely intuitive when it comes to understanding and dealing with werewolves. Tim has a dry sense of humor and frequently sees the irony in life. He’s easy to like, so it’s easy to cheer for him when he stumbles over his own werewolf in Strength of the Wolf:

After a fiery exit from Afghanistan, Tim Madison is promoted to major. Jeremy Wagner is a civilian, just beginning his Transition to True Alpha. As a lone wolf, he has no one to teach him the vital principles of strong leadership. After a volatile chance encounter, Tim and Jeremy form an intimate bond.
As Jeremy prepares to someday lead his own pack, Tim struggles with military werewolves being needlessly maimed in combat, as well as specifically targeted by hostile forces. Despite Tim and Jeremy’s feelings, werewolf and human politics or family conflict could prevent their mate-bond.

The crowd of Marines backed away, forming a wide circle around Tim. To his left, Lucas dropped what he was carrying. Glass shattered on the wooden deck and dispelled the food it contained. To Tim’s right, Jeremy’s clawed hands wrapped around Terrell Hubbard’s throat. His lips pulled back in a ferocious snarl, revealing long, wickedly sharp fangs. Hubbard’s fingers were claws, as well. One gripped Jeremy’s bicep, the other was fisted in Jeremy’s shirt. Hubbard bared his fangs, barking and growling in Jeremy’s face.
Adrenaline surged into Tim’s bloodstream. His heart pounded, his mouth went dry. “Jeremy! Knock it the fuck off!” he shouted, reaching for the brat’s shoulders to pull him away from Hubbard. “Sergeant Hubbard! Stand down! Right the fuck now!” Tim’s skin tightened over his bones and his clothes were suddenly painful.
Tim hadn’t been this afraid in combat. Hubbard was inches taller and tens of pounds heavier than Jeremy. He was a trained Marine, battle hardened. Jeremy was outclassed and that scared the shit out of Tim.
“Submit, Terrell,” Noah shouted, voice rough and commanding. He sounded more wolf than human.
Just as Tim reached for Jeremy, strong hands grasped his wrists.
“Stay out of it,” Lucas said, trying to drag Tim away from the embattled werewolves. “You’ll only get hurt.”
“Jeremy’s no match for Hubbard,” Tim said angrily, trying to shake off Lucas.
“Yes, he is.” Lucas put himself between Tim and the shifters, giving a mighty shove. “Let Noah handle it.”
Tim stumbled, Lucas’ shove sending him off balance. He started back toward Jeremy, desperate to get him away from the larger, stronger Hubbard. Lucas blocked his path. Dawson was suddenly behind Lucas as silent reinforcement.
“Submit to him, Terrell,” Noah ordered again. He stood beside the two werewolves but didn’t touch. Tim wondered why the hell he didn’t break up the fight. “If you make him shift he’ll rip your throat out.”
In the blink of an eye, Hubbard gave up the fight and let himself be carried to the ground by Jeremy’s weight. Now on his back, Terrell let his arms go limp beside him. He tilted back his head so that both his throat and his belly were vulnerable to Jeremy’s attack.
A strange silence fell over the yard, save for Hubbard’s labored breathing as he struggled to get air past Jeremy’s grip on his throat. Jeremy crouched over Terrell’s supine form. He gripped Hubbard’s throat with only one clawed hand now. He leaned down until his open mouth hovered just above Terrell’s throat.
“My wolf has submitted, Jeremy,” Noah said calmly. He knelt next to the combatants, still not touching Jeremy. “You’re the victor. He submitted. Let him up.”
Jeremy continued to crouch over Hubbard. He snapped audibly at the vulnerable flesh of Terrell’s throat. Hubbard flinched. Tim clenched his jaw, silently begging Jeremy to accept Hubbard’s submission.
“You can’t filter this through any human or military standards,” Lucas said quietly. Tim had nearly forgotten he was there. “I know you think it’s too soon, but do you feel a connection to Jeremy?”
Tim swallowed hard, his throat tight. To his relief, Jeremy released Terrell, rising gracefully to his feet. “Yes,” Tim admitted, eyes following Jeremy as he stalked back and forth, glaring at the werewolves circled around them.
“Let him mark you, then,” said Lucas. “Right now, in front of the Pack.”
Tim realized everything had been leading him to this very moment, despite his efforts to deny and avoid it. “Yeah,” he sighed. He had feelings for the kid he knew weren’t mixed up with Jeremy’s, or tied to the full moon. Jeremy’s well-being mattered to Tim, but he was the reason Jeremy was angry and aggressive. Jeremy needed Tim to stop hiding.
“It’s got to be a visible mark,” Lucas reminded him. “He’s going to want to get his scent on you, too.”
None of that bothered Tim. Well, the visible marks made him apprehensive. He’d had such sympathy for Lucas, watching him struggle with werewolves making things public that humans usually kept private.
“The brat had better be worth all the drama,” Tim muttered darkly, decision made.
Lucas chuckled. “You wouldn’t like him if he wasn’t a challenge.”
Lucas and Dawson both stepped aside, leaving Tim free to approach to Jeremy. Or Jeremy to approach Tim. It wasn’t clear yet how this was going to go down. Terrell had rolled onto his side, but he still lay on the ground at Jeremy’s feet. The neck of his muscle shirt was darkened with blood. Jeremy’s claws had done some damage. Thankfully, it didn’t appear too severe.
Jeremy stopped pacing. Noah stood behind him, speaking quietly. Jeremy stood tall, shoulders squared, staring directly at Tim. His eyes were amber and those of a wolf. His chest heaved with each breath. At least his hands were no longer claws. Tim couldn’t tell if Jeremy still had fangs.
It didn’t matter if he did. Tim knew he was in no danger from Jeremy. Focusing all of his attention on Jeremy, Tim realized he should have done this before now. Jeremy’s need was a physical ache. His desire to mark Tim, and be marked in return had always been there. It lingered at the back of Tim’s mind like white noise, making it easy to ignore. Tim’s own regret poured through him, drowning out everything else. He hoped this effort would make up for his mistakes. Releasing a shaky breath, Tim silently acknowledged that he’d wanted this all along.
Tim saw the moment Jeremy sensed that their needs finally synced. He closed the distance between them in a few long strides. Tim clutched at Jeremy’s shirt as Jeremy wrapped his arms around Tim’s waist, pulling their bodies together roughly. Their open mouths collided and Tim felt the hard press of teeth. Jeremy did still have his fangs, their sharp tips drawing blood from Tim’s lips. A thrill ran down Tim’s spine, knowing Jeremy’s lethal strength was leashed, just for him.
Jeremy licked deep into Tim’s mouth, their tongues tangling wetly. Jeremy’s body was flame-hot, pressed to the length of Tim’s. His breath was scalding as it ghosted across Tim’s cheek.
Breaking the kiss, Jeremy buried his face in the join of Tim’s neck and shoulder. Tim shuddered. He pushed his hips against Jeremy’s, feeling Jeremy’s already hard cock. Tim tilted his head slightly, asking at the same time he gave consent.
Jeremy pried Tim’s fingers from his shirt. Tim gasped as Jeremy forced his arms to cross at the small of his back. The strength in Jeremy’s hand was surprising as he restrained Tim’s wrists. The arch in his back pushed Tim’s body hard against Jeremy’s. His own cock was completely hard now and he rubbed himself back and forth against Jeremy. Tim closed his eyes, letting his head fall back in silent pleading.
Jeremy kissed up the length of Tim’s throat, dragging the sharp tips of his teeth along the edge of Tim’s jaw. The slight sting sent a thrill down Tim’s spine and he wanted more. Jeremy nipped at Tim’s pulse where it throbbed just below his skin. Tim moaned when Jeremy soothed the spot with his tongue.
His body went rigid and Tim unleashed a decadent groan when Jeremy’s hot mouth latched onto the side of his neck. Tim’s blood rose to the surface as Jeremy sucked hard at the spot. Jeremy soothed the bruise with a swipe of his tongue. Tim relaxed into Jeremy’s hard body, moaning each time Jeremy sucked a bruise into his throat, or nipped sharply at his too-sensitive skin.
He wanted to touch. Tim struggled to free his hands from Jeremy’s grip. When Jeremy released his wrists, Tim buried his fingers in Jeremy’s hair, holding him close. Jeremy nosed at Tim’s ear, dragging his sharp teeth along the sensitive lobe. Tim shuddered again and moaned.
Lowering his head, Tim found Jeremy’s mouth. He chased Jeremy’s tongue with his own. Curling his fingers in Jeremy’s hair, Tim used it to tilt his head back. He skimmed his lips and nose over the pounding pulse in Jeremy’s throat. Tim pressed his open mouth to the same spot and drew heated blood to the surface. Jeremy panted. He cradled the back of Tim’s head, encouraging him. Tim sucked blood to the surface of Jeremy’s skin. He was deeply satisfied that Jeremy wore his mark. The werewolf pack that surrounded them would know that Jeremy was his, and only his.
Jeremy pulled back abruptly. “Okay, that’s enough,” he gasped. “Any more and we’re going to put on a much more revealing show than I’d planned.”
Tim blinked, struggling to understand Jeremy’s words. He watched Jeremy’s eyes roam over his throat, taking in the bruises Tim could feel darkening on his skin. Jeremy’s expression was satisfied, bordering on arrogant. Tim couldn’t help but chuckle. It was such an Alpha thing to do.
The world began to move around them. Dawson directed someone to clean up the shattered glass and spilled food. Noah tried to save the meat left forgotten on the grill. Mundane conversations swirled around them.
Tim and Jeremy stood alone, completely surrounded by Noah’s Pack, breathing heavily, looking only at one another.
“How long do we have to stay?” Desire was obvious in Jeremy’s still-amber eyes.
“It would be polite to eat something, then help clean up a little,” Tim replied, already calculating how he might maneuver them into an early departure.
“Stay with me tonight?” Jeremy asked.
Tim nodded emphatically. “Of course.” Everyone associated with a werewolf pack was excused from duty for the next two days for the full-moon run. He imagined the two of them had much to discuss over the course of the next twenty-four hours.
“Good,” Jeremy said. He turned toward the cluster of Marines who had begun to serve themselves food. “Now let’s go let them all know it’s time to keep their hands off of what’s mine.”
Jeremy’s possessive words should have angered Tim. Instead, it made him consider being rude and skipping out on food.
If anyone would understand, it would be Lucas and Noah.

If you’d like to find out more about my series, The Tameness of the Wolf, you can get more information on my website:

I’d like to give an interested reader a chance to become acquainted with my beloved Marine werewolves!
Enter below for a chance to win The Tameness of the Wolf Book #1 – Strength of the Pack,
and be ready for the release of Book #2 – Strength of the Wolf on September 6th!

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Special Guest Leigh Ellwood!

We have special guest Leigh Ellwood here to tell us about her new book!

Hello, I am Leigh Ellwood and I thank you for visiting me here today to talk about the new lesbian erotica anthology, COMING TOGETHER; GIRL ON GIRL. To make you more familiar with this wonderful book, I decided to interview myself. Somebody had to do it. J

Q: So what is this new book you want to promote?

A: Thanks for asking! COMING TOGETHER: GIRL ON GIRL is a collection of lesbian erotica and erotic romance stories. Many of the contributing authors are well-known in the genre, some have contributed to past Coming Together books, and there are a few new faces. This is the first such volume to feature all lesbian stories.

Q: Terrific! So, what inspired your desire to take on a project?

A: I write many genres of erotica and romance, and have a few bestselling lesbian titles available. It’s a growing genre in digital publishing, and one of my books (SHE LOVES ME) was a finalist in the Goldie Awards. I have contributed to Coming Together in the past, and wanted to do something on a larger scale to show my appreciation for the company, and for the charity the book benefits.

Q: This is a charity book? Who will benefit?

A: The National Center for Lesbian Rights helps all LGBT people with legal and social issues. I became aware of the NCLR when they fought to help an elderly same-sex couple who faced separation after one was hospitalized. If you’ve seen the first part of If These Walls Could Talk 2, it’s a similar story. A couple not legally recognized as such could face the loss of their partner, their home, and other property. Some of these stories are heartbreaking to read, and I wanted this book to help give back.

Q: What stories can we expect to enjoy?

A: Here is the lineup:
·                     The Princess' Princess (Salome Wilde)
·                     Sundae, Bloody Sunday (Lisabet Sarai)
·                     Angel (Ms. Peach)
·                     Hot Air (Slave Nano)
·                     A Taste of Vanilla (Leigh Ellwood)
·                     The Trade In (Stephani Maari Booker)
·                     New Girl (Harper Bliss)
·                     Same But Different (Kate Atwood)
·                     Fair As the Moon (Laurel Waterford)
·                     On Display (Sophie Mouette)
·                     Tough Enough to Wear a Dress (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
·                     Snow Blind (Jean Roberta)
·                     All Keyed Up (Scarlet Chastain)
·                     Ghost Lights (Erzabet Bishop)
·                     Winner Take (Andrea Dale)
·                     Worth the Wait (Beth Wylde)

Lambda-winner Debra Hyde wrote the introduction.

Q: Are all the stories super explicitly hot?

A: Stories range from heavy sensual to scorching. There’s sci-fi, BDSM, contemporary, interracial, and historical. I think it’s a good mix.

Q: What is your story, A Taste of Vanilla, about?

A: It is a story of discovery, about a bi-curious woman meeting a potential partner for the first time. Not to spoil, but she learns to enjoy herself in a public place!

Q: Where can readers buy this book?
A: You can buy it now here:

All royalties from the book go to charity. Everybody involved gave their time and talent, and I thank them!

Q: And if a reader wants to check out more of your books?

A: I have a completed backlist available here:

And you can find me on these sites:

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Review: Take Me, Break Me by Cari Silverwood

Jodie is scraping the barrel trying to stay afloat. An idea arrives that could rescue her finances and bring her together in a kinky way with a man she never gave up on. She's terrified and fascinated, and tempted as hell.

Capture fantasies rule her eBook. Re-enacting one in a documentary would surely be irresistible viewing to millions of women?

But Jodie and Klaus discover that underneath an ordinary man dark desires may lurk. What will win in the end? The man and lover, or the monster?

Warning: Capture fantasy; dubious consent; anal play; M/f as well as one m/f/f/m scene; BDSM themes including caning, spanking, bondage, and needle play. Also contains one beginner Dom who is exploring sadism but is still working out how and when to stop.

Wow, can I just say wow! I can say wow right? Wow!! Holy intense! There is a lot going down in this book. What starts out as an idea for a documentary turns into a complete switch from vanilla to kink. I really loved that you had the perspectives of both Jodie and Klaus, and it wasn't done in a way that made it seem like the author is flipping sides just to switch. You'd be in the mind of Jodie and what was happening and then you sit there thinking, what is Klaus thinking? Is he okay? Is he doing this just cause or does he really like it? I think one of the phrases she uses in the book describes it pretty well. 

It's a mind fuck. For Jodie, for Klaus, for me. The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the needle play, but that's nothing against the author, that's just cause I have a big fear of needles. Yuck. I enjoyed the book, I enjoyed that they also gained a good support system for the two of them to learn from to make sure no one got hurt. 

4 1/2 smooches for Take Me, Break Me!

You can find it here!

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Release day!! Gumption & Gumshoes by Alex Kidwell - Giveaway

I'm soooo excited to have Alex on our blog today! This release has a special place in my heart because...It started with my idea! Here's Alex on Gumption & Gumshoes:

When Jenny voiced a half-serious wish a few months ago to read a book about a chinchilla shifter, I had no idea how much it would take over my life. Since I’d never done a true shifter story before – werewolves, yes, but no shifters – I decided that I would have to put my own twist on the idea. I wanted a hero who was flawed, a mythology that borrowed from history, and a nod to film noir and red velvet doughnuts. Just like that, August was born.

Gumption & Gumshoes is a departure from the more serious subject matter of my last novel, After the End. In it, we follow August Mendez, an overweight, under-motivated lover of film noir movies and detective novels. And I have to say, August was seriously fun to write. He’s got a wry sense of humor, a self-deprecating voice, and hey, he can turn into a fluffy ball of fur. What’s not to love?

There’s a mystery to be solved in G&G, but I the thing I most enjoyed was watching August learn how to be confident in his own skin. Sam Ewing, his grumpy, older, divorced landlord, is an integral part of that journey. One of the best parts of writing is getting to create characters with chemistry and seeing how their relationship develops. For August and Sam it’s a matter of slow attraction turning into a fierce burn.

When August has his chance to open his own detective agency, he realizes that becoming a private eye is more difficult than the movies might indicate. But when he stumbles onto a major case it takes both him and Sam working together to find their happy ending.

In this excerpt, we pick up with August in the middle of his investigation:

It was dark outside, starting to spit rain. The cars sloshed through the streets, lights reflecting in puddles like melted crayons. Sighing, I tugged on my fedora and power-walked the two blocks to my car. The spot I’d managed to find that morning wasn’t the greatest. And now I was blocked in by an oversized truck and a stupid sporty car that looked like a penis replacement. Fan-friggin-tastic.


Two inches forward. Stop. Reverse three inches. Stop. Crank the wheel left. Forward two inches. Over and over again, while I muttered curses and tried to remember how much my insurance deductible was. Finally I eked out of the spot, pulling out onto the main road and making my way back toward the dry cleaners.


By then I was later than I’d wanted to be, and I barely got parked in a good spot out front when the outside lights were turned off. I could see Jake and a woman who must be Tina moving around inside the shop, doing their closing duties, I imagined. The car engine pinged softly as it cooled, the rain spattered the windshield, and I slouched down in my seat, watching.


Just like a real detective.


Sometimes my life got cool all at once.


And sometimes it was forty-five minutes of sitting in my car, staring at two people mopping a floor. No one was twirling a mustache or tying anyone to train tracks. No obvious signs of chicanery. Just two employees trying to close up shop after a long day.




Just when I was about to call it a night, there was a flare of light from the alley beside the dry cleaners. I caught sight of Tina taking out two large trash bags to toss them into the bins. When she walked back inside, though, I could still see the faint outline of the door; she hadn’t closed it properly behind her.On purpose? Or maybe the stolen money was leaving with the garbage.


Either way, I knew I had to get in that alley. I could see Tina and Jake turning off lights, moving toward the exit. I took my chance to duck out of my car, cursing quietly when it dinged at me for leaving the keys in the ignition. I darted into the alley, my eyes taking far too long to adjust to the dark. Tripping over my feet, I almost slammed my head into a wall, barely getting my hand up in time to save my nose. There was a flare of pain on my palm, and I hissed in a breath, looking down to barely make out the shimmer of blood. I’d scraped the skin off.Fantastic.


Shaking the sleeve of my hoodie down to cover it, I kept going. I wanted to take a look in those trash bags. The dumpster was sitting open, and I grabbed the closest garbage sack. There was the distinct sour scent of rotting things all mixed together with the pervasive piss smell all alleys seemed to have. Choking a little, eyes watering, I hauled the bag out and ripped it open. It was a lot of paper, huge clumps of lint like basketball-sized tumbleweeds, and I dragged it a little closer to the seam of light creeping out from the ajar door.


I dug through the garbage. There seemed to be a lot of receipts, huge handfuls of them, like they’d been ripped from a book and stuffed in here. I frowned, uncrumpling one, tipping it toward the light so I could read it better. It was just tallying up an order, although I had a momentary thought that it seemed like Petros was charging an awful lot for laundry.


“Hey!” The sharp voice broke my concentration, and I dropped the receipts I was holding, scrambling back. Jake was in the doorway, scowling at me. “What the fuck are you doing?”


Shit, shit, shit. I shoved myself away, stumbling as I struggled to my feet. I saw Jake’s big, meaty hand reaching out for my hoodie. Christ, if that guy caught me, I was mush.


So I took off running. I didn’t run a lot. Or ever. But now the not-so-jolly giant was chasing me, so it seemed like a reallygood time to start. Heaving in panicked breaths, my sneakers skidding on the wet pavement, I darted out across the street. Horns blared but I didn’t dare stop. I could hear him on my heels, cursing, the sound of his footsteps pounding behind me.


I was going to die. Holy fuck, that giant-ass man was going to kill me.


And that was when I realized I didn’t have my keys. I couldn’t get into the building.




Changing direction at the last second, I dodged into the alley that ran alongside my building. If I could double around, maybe get lost in the foot traffic the next street over, I could shake him. My heartbeat was throbbing in my ears, a stabbing pain in my side with every heaving breath I took. The fear slamming through me with every step, though, kept me desperately throwing myself forward.


The alley wasn’t very long. There were dumpsters and closed doors that I staggered my way past, no help in sight. It was pitch-black; I didn’t see the fence until I slammed into it full force. “No, no, no,” I muttered, frantically grabbing at the chain link, pulling it like I was suddenly going to Hulk out and be able to yank it out of my way.


I was trapped.


There were seconds until Jake came around the corner. There was no way I could face him like I was. So I did the only thing I could think of.


I changed.


It started as an itch in my nose, a prickle along my skin. The world got very big very quickly as I shrank down, the ground rushing up to meet me. The night world flared to life, scents and sounds filling my senses. And then I wasn’t human anymore. My nose twitched, ears pricking at the sound of footsteps. Two sets. I could smell one sweaty human; he stank like cigarettes and jerky. Jake appeared at the end of the alley, searching for me. But there was another man there, the tang of soap and beer, but more importantly behind him was an open doorway.


I zoomed off, nails skidding on the cement, hurtling myself toward the escape. There was the thunder of boots in my way, and I squeaked aloud in terror as I tried to correct course. Before I was stepped on, though, a hand reached down, wrapping around me. There wasn’t time for me to react before I was pushed gently into a huge pocket and left there to tremble. I had no fucking clue what had just happened.


Well, I did. I was a chinchilla in someone’s pocket.




It was a really great experience writing this book, falling in love with August and Sam. I hope that people enjoy them as much as I do.

I’d love to do a giveaway of an e-book to one commenter! I’ll randomly pick a number from the comments below on 8/22 to hook up with a copy of Gumption & Gumshoes. Be sure to include an email/facebook/or some way to get ahold of you!

Thanks, Jenny, for letting me stop in for the release of G&G!

You can find Gumption & Gumshoes here:


Special Guest - Rhys Ford

We are here today to celebrate the release (finally!) of Whiskey and Wry!!

Super excited to have the fabulous author Rhys Ford in our hot seat today! We came up with a couple questions for the author in question!

What inspired you to write the Sinners Gin series?

Oh that’s a good question. And one I can’t really even answer.
I supposed what started it all was the character of Miki. He actually started off a lot more “together” than he ended up. Kane was a difficult character because I had to fit this man around this musician. Miki sort of devolved into this street rat and Kane evolved into this alpha-cop from a sprawling family.
I knew going in that Damien was still alive. Damien’s counterpart, Sionn, wasn't as hard to manage as Kane was but he was close. Damien’s a bit more focused than Miki, ambitious in some ways but still, drawn a bit off by the music. Sionn had to fit into that.
Another couple formed in this series really is Miki and Damie. They’re a bromance beyond anything else. There’s no question about loyalty or friendship. There’s never been any probing at their relationship. One is to the other as breathing so by taking Damie off the board for Sinner’s Gin, I could show Miki’s vulnerable nature. When Kane meets him, he’s kind of a sea urchin, nearly immobile and prickly.
Damien on the other hand is driven to find his steady footing. Sionn matches that in him. Damie reaches for things. He actually doesn't need to be famous but he certainly likes it. It’s the music that drives Damie. Miki will go wherever Damie goes.
I wanted to depict the chosen family and the blood family ties in the Sinner Series. Damie and Miki compared to the Morgans. Each has their own language and quirks but both are fierce in how they love one another. So ultimately, the series is about finding love of all kinds.

For those of us lucky to be friends with you on the internet we get to see your daily man candy posts (thank you by the way) Do you find it is easier to write a character when you have a strong visual of what they look like?

Ah, you are welcome for the posts. It actually started off just as a once in a while thing and now it kind of has become daily. I try to be tasteful because well, you know… peen doesn't need to be wagging about.
I actually have the characters forming in my head. The bitch of it comes when trying to find faces for the book covers. Because there’s only so many faces out there and they’re not going to fit the images in my head all the time.
Writing a character I've got a strong image of does help. Usually it’s if I've got the character’s personality fully developed that helps the most. It takes the second-guessing out of what their reaction would be to a situation. Helps. Not necessarily perfect but helps. *grins*

How long have you been writing?

Way too long. I wrote my first book when I was twelve. On a typewriter. Manual. Like a Royal typewriter. I got it a garage sale for a buck or something. I can’t even remember what it was about. But years.
Mostly I was told I sucked at writing and I’d never make a living at it and all kinds of oh-so-encouraging things from parents and others. All I can say to someone who wants to write, just write. Please.

Are you done with book 3 yet? >.<

No! I finished Fish and Ghosts, Clockwork Tangerine (a steampunk novella) and I’m working on Dirty Deeds, the fourth Cole McGinnis book. Tequila Mockingbird, book 3 of the Sinners series is after that. Wish me luck on it.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Oh yes. I do. Sadly. There are some books I have to force myself past the cover art but the blurbs usually persuade me. And auto-buy authors. Which is funny because really in the age of ebook, I rarely see a cover once I buy it. *grins*
But see there are some GORGEOUS covers out there. Kinda makes me wish I’d had a device to display covers but I have a trusty third gen kindle I love.
Cover art is so subjective, really. I also like sparkly things so my tastes can’t be trust. My favourite colour is black but oooooo glitter. No reasoning with my brain.

Thank you for having me. Really, I appreciate you taking the time to read the books and hosting me here. Thank you again, love. 

We are happy to have you any time! As long as you bring the guys too lol.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To Catch a Fox by Raven McCallan

Eleanor may be a lady, but even she knows that there's more than one way to catch a fox...

When Eleanor was told the foxes had returned to Wilderwood, she wondered and hoped it wasn't just any old foxes. She'd spoken to no one of her week of passion with Alexander and Stanford Foxxe. The Foxxe brothers had warned her about their other lives, but Eleanor had been skeptical until that magical night where they had showed her their true selves. They shifted from human to animal; howled at the moon, and mated with her. Now six years later, the foxes were back. Had they come for her? If they had, would her changed circumstances alter all their plans? How would they cope with what she had become?

It was really fun to see a different type of shifter. So many times we see wolf, or even the big cats. While those are super awesome it was cool to have something new. This story has some really good potential. The interactions between the three of them were great, it would have been cool to see a little more back story between them to really see what happened leading up to this. If you enjoy historical romance then give this a try!

3 smooches for To Catch a Fox!

You can find To Catch a Fox here!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

On the Right Track by Sam Kadence

Ryunoski “Ru” Nakimura knows all about the trappings of fame. Expelled from a boy band for coming out as gay, he still wants to continue his career in music. Too bad his ex finds nothing better to do than exploit their relationship in the press, so Ru leaves California behind to lie low in Minnesota for a while.

Adam Corbin attends a Minnesota high school and wants to coast through as a typical student. He’s friends with an openly gay student, Bas Axelrod, but while Adam plays football, he also stays away from much socializing. Blending in and not outing himself has been easy because he’s never really been seriously interested in any of the guys he’s encountered.

When Adam meets Ru in a library, Adam begins to think he’s found that special young man who might make it worthwhile to just be himself. And for Ru, Adam looks like someone he might trade his fame for, if they could be together. Ru and Adam will both come to realize that courage and love must go hand in hand if they are to have a future.

I Luuuuuuuuurve this book. Seriously, these are my boys! I really enjoyed the dynamics between the two guys. Adam is so sweet and shy and I want to just gobble him up. Ru is trying to break out of someone else's mold and be himself. They have some struggles along the way, secrets that can't be hidden, and hearts to heal. These two seem so different from each other, the just came out rock star, the good boy next door who's scared to be out. Neither of them really sure how this budding relationship will work, especially when jealousy from outsiders comes into play. I loved every minute of this, and hope you do too. It's a really well written story who helps you look a little deeper at how things go. Everyone deserves to be happy! I hope this gets out there, especially to the kids that need it. So that they might have a little more hope that everything can get better.

5 smooches for On the Right Track and a desperate plea for a story for Bas. <3 Pretty please!!

You can find On the Right Track here! Also go check out Sam's facebook page so you can see what else is out! :-)