Sunday, August 25, 2013

Special Guest Leigh Ellwood!

We have special guest Leigh Ellwood here to tell us about her new book!

Hello, I am Leigh Ellwood and I thank you for visiting me here today to talk about the new lesbian erotica anthology, COMING TOGETHER; GIRL ON GIRL. To make you more familiar with this wonderful book, I decided to interview myself. Somebody had to do it. J

Q: So what is this new book you want to promote?

A: Thanks for asking! COMING TOGETHER: GIRL ON GIRL is a collection of lesbian erotica and erotic romance stories. Many of the contributing authors are well-known in the genre, some have contributed to past Coming Together books, and there are a few new faces. This is the first such volume to feature all lesbian stories.

Q: Terrific! So, what inspired your desire to take on a project?

A: I write many genres of erotica and romance, and have a few bestselling lesbian titles available. It’s a growing genre in digital publishing, and one of my books (SHE LOVES ME) was a finalist in the Goldie Awards. I have contributed to Coming Together in the past, and wanted to do something on a larger scale to show my appreciation for the company, and for the charity the book benefits.

Q: This is a charity book? Who will benefit?

A: The National Center for Lesbian Rights helps all LGBT people with legal and social issues. I became aware of the NCLR when they fought to help an elderly same-sex couple who faced separation after one was hospitalized. If you’ve seen the first part of If These Walls Could Talk 2, it’s a similar story. A couple not legally recognized as such could face the loss of their partner, their home, and other property. Some of these stories are heartbreaking to read, and I wanted this book to help give back.

Q: What stories can we expect to enjoy?

A: Here is the lineup:
·                     The Princess' Princess (Salome Wilde)
·                     Sundae, Bloody Sunday (Lisabet Sarai)
·                     Angel (Ms. Peach)
·                     Hot Air (Slave Nano)
·                     A Taste of Vanilla (Leigh Ellwood)
·                     The Trade In (Stephani Maari Booker)
·                     New Girl (Harper Bliss)
·                     Same But Different (Kate Atwood)
·                     Fair As the Moon (Laurel Waterford)
·                     On Display (Sophie Mouette)
·                     Tough Enough to Wear a Dress (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
·                     Snow Blind (Jean Roberta)
·                     All Keyed Up (Scarlet Chastain)
·                     Ghost Lights (Erzabet Bishop)
·                     Winner Take (Andrea Dale)
·                     Worth the Wait (Beth Wylde)

Lambda-winner Debra Hyde wrote the introduction.

Q: Are all the stories super explicitly hot?

A: Stories range from heavy sensual to scorching. There’s sci-fi, BDSM, contemporary, interracial, and historical. I think it’s a good mix.

Q: What is your story, A Taste of Vanilla, about?

A: It is a story of discovery, about a bi-curious woman meeting a potential partner for the first time. Not to spoil, but she learns to enjoy herself in a public place!

Q: Where can readers buy this book?
A: You can buy it now here:

All royalties from the book go to charity. Everybody involved gave their time and talent, and I thank them!

Q: And if a reader wants to check out more of your books?

A: I have a completed backlist available here:

And you can find me on these sites:

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