Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Special Guest - Rhys Ford

We are here today to celebrate the release (finally!) of Whiskey and Wry!!

Super excited to have the fabulous author Rhys Ford in our hot seat today! We came up with a couple questions for the author in question!

What inspired you to write the Sinners Gin series?

Oh that’s a good question. And one I can’t really even answer.
I supposed what started it all was the character of Miki. He actually started off a lot more “together” than he ended up. Kane was a difficult character because I had to fit this man around this musician. Miki sort of devolved into this street rat and Kane evolved into this alpha-cop from a sprawling family.
I knew going in that Damien was still alive. Damien’s counterpart, Sionn, wasn't as hard to manage as Kane was but he was close. Damien’s a bit more focused than Miki, ambitious in some ways but still, drawn a bit off by the music. Sionn had to fit into that.
Another couple formed in this series really is Miki and Damie. They’re a bromance beyond anything else. There’s no question about loyalty or friendship. There’s never been any probing at their relationship. One is to the other as breathing so by taking Damie off the board for Sinner’s Gin, I could show Miki’s vulnerable nature. When Kane meets him, he’s kind of a sea urchin, nearly immobile and prickly.
Damien on the other hand is driven to find his steady footing. Sionn matches that in him. Damie reaches for things. He actually doesn't need to be famous but he certainly likes it. It’s the music that drives Damie. Miki will go wherever Damie goes.
I wanted to depict the chosen family and the blood family ties in the Sinner Series. Damie and Miki compared to the Morgans. Each has their own language and quirks but both are fierce in how they love one another. So ultimately, the series is about finding love of all kinds.

For those of us lucky to be friends with you on the internet we get to see your daily man candy posts (thank you by the way) Do you find it is easier to write a character when you have a strong visual of what they look like?

Ah, you are welcome for the posts. It actually started off just as a once in a while thing and now it kind of has become daily. I try to be tasteful because well, you know… peen doesn't need to be wagging about.
I actually have the characters forming in my head. The bitch of it comes when trying to find faces for the book covers. Because there’s only so many faces out there and they’re not going to fit the images in my head all the time.
Writing a character I've got a strong image of does help. Usually it’s if I've got the character’s personality fully developed that helps the most. It takes the second-guessing out of what their reaction would be to a situation. Helps. Not necessarily perfect but helps. *grins*

How long have you been writing?

Way too long. I wrote my first book when I was twelve. On a typewriter. Manual. Like a Royal typewriter. I got it a garage sale for a buck or something. I can’t even remember what it was about. But years.
Mostly I was told I sucked at writing and I’d never make a living at it and all kinds of oh-so-encouraging things from parents and others. All I can say to someone who wants to write, just write. Please.

Are you done with book 3 yet? >.<

No! I finished Fish and Ghosts, Clockwork Tangerine (a steampunk novella) and I’m working on Dirty Deeds, the fourth Cole McGinnis book. Tequila Mockingbird, book 3 of the Sinners series is after that. Wish me luck on it.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Oh yes. I do. Sadly. There are some books I have to force myself past the cover art but the blurbs usually persuade me. And auto-buy authors. Which is funny because really in the age of ebook, I rarely see a cover once I buy it. *grins*
But see there are some GORGEOUS covers out there. Kinda makes me wish I’d had a device to display covers but I have a trusty third gen kindle I love.
Cover art is so subjective, really. I also like sparkly things so my tastes can’t be trust. My favourite colour is black but oooooo glitter. No reasoning with my brain.

Thank you for having me. Really, I appreciate you taking the time to read the books and hosting me here. Thank you again, love. 

We are happy to have you any time! As long as you bring the guys too lol.

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