Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out In Colorado Review!

I had the absolute joy and pleasure of getting to read the Out In Colorado anthology!

This collection brings six talented authors from the Centennial State together under one title, all offering their take on what it means to be Out in Colorado. These stories explore the cultures and mores of the state as only native authors can, each bringing a unique perspective on the diverse peoples and changing attitudes that are quickly coming to define this state in transition.

Now first of all let me say, I really enjoyed the concept on this. You are taking stories all about one particular place written by authors who are native to that state. I dig it! Because no matter how many times you visit somewhere, only those that live there can truly describe their homelands. Anywho, on to the stories!

Something Old, Something Blue by George Seaton
This one was fun. I starts out with our main character Justin, who happens to be a part of a mob family. He hooks up with Michael, who happens to be in a family of criminal lawyers. Family feud and all that. So I'm sitting here thinking it's going to be a mob story, war of the families, all that jazz. So not the case. In shows up magical forces and blue orbs! It totally took me by surprise! I loved that it kept me in suspense as I waited to see where the author was going with it.

Casual Brilliance by Cari Z
Adorable nerdy guy finishes his degree and gets a chance to move away and start a new job in a new state. Meet fun tech guy at new job. It's a really sweet yet nerdy story about getting to know people, stepping out of your comfort zone, and finding someone who compliments you. Plus as a fellow nerd I appreciate the nerd love lol

Spirit's Fire by Tabitha Heart
We start out with Ivan being lost in the woods, trying to escape people after him, while hoping to find the four friends that he grew up with. He makes it to the cabin much to the shock of his friends who were told he was dead! So now the bad guys are closing in, and the truth comes out, Ivan isn't the only one with something special about him! Magical powers, long lost loves, and quite the crew of misfits. I loved this!! I want more, like really badly, there has to be more. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Take a Bow by Caitlin Ricci
Brandon goes to a meeting set up by his daughter, who is about to get married. He shows up and meets Crispin, a hot younger man that he is trying desperately not to drool over. Thinking his daughter tried to set him up on a date he comes to find out she paid for dancing lessons so that he could dance with her at the wedding. Every time they get close enough to dance though, sparks fly! Brandon has reserves about someone so much younger then him. Crispin has moves out of the dance floor as well. This is a sizzling read. I loved the character interaction.

Frozen by Lichen Craig
This broke my heart and made me cry. Trev is the side mister for a married man, well kept yet not well treated. You are sucked into his story as he learns the hard way that Ethan is not the man he thought he was. Trev does the brave thing and makes it away before it's too late, but lands himself in the hospital during his escape. This is truly heart wrenching, especially if you have been close to domestic violence in any way. It ends beautifully and gives you hope, that even when the world comes crashing down, there's always a new path.

Slip/Slide/Snow by P.D. Singer
This was adorable! Lon and Corey meet each other up in the snowy mountains having fun on their boards. The hit it off right away and continue to get to know each other. But Lon has a secret that no one knows, a secret that's small and soft and slippery! Can Corey handle having a boyfriend who is so different? They are so cute and it's so fun to read!

A great job around for all of the authors in this anthology. I loved every bit of it!!

You can find Out In Colorado HERE!


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  2. Thank you so much for this review and for your wonderful comments on Frozen, my story. We are already planning a second anthology for next year. - Lichen Craig http://lichencraig.blogspot.com