Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Love to Read and Sizzling Shorts to Spice Up Your Day!

A little while back I received an email from an Author who is just starting out. They wanted to know if I would be willing to read their book. Now as you all know, everyone starts somewhere. Even Steven King had to go through the pains of starting out in the writing world. Now as for me, I love reading stories written by those who aren't huge names in the writing world. There's something unique about finding little gems that haven't been spit and polished a hundred times by big publishers striving to make money off of them. I love feeling the heart of the book, the part that says "hey look at me! Would you like to read me? I worked really hard to look pretty for you so I could tell you my story!". It's not about how many you write, how long they are, or if it's the popular trend. It's about the fact that you had a story to share with the world, with hopes that people would like it. As an out and proud Book Whore I am always willing to read anything you will put in my hands. If you've written one book or one hundred, we are always more then happy to take what you have worked so hard on and try to share it in our little world. Keep on doing what you do!

Now without further adieu......


I had the absolute joy and pleasure of reading these sassy little stories. They were both short yet spicy reads and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. They had my blood boiling and a smile on my face. You should absolutely check them out!

Corporate Punishment by Jacinta Bannerman

Emma Willis was a beautiful, young and ambitious woman working for the man of her dreams.

Ryan Zane was a software wild child entrepreneur and one of the sexiest men in the city. He was also Emma’s boss which made him way out of her reach.

She’d managed to get through her six-month internship at his company and was now a full-time employee. Too bad she’d failed in her very first assignment, losing a vital investor for her CEO’s latest software design.

Emma is summoned to Ryan Zane’s office and she is certain she’s about to get her marching orders. However, once behind closed doors she finds that her hunky boss has different ideas of what her worthy punishment should be…

You can find Corporate Punishment here!

On the Dance Floor by Chloe Bell

When Sophie Summers is dragged to a charity event thrown by the rich parents of her best friend, she can’t imagine having much fun. She also can’t imagine finding a new man to mend the broken heart that her cheating ex left behind.

However, among the grizzled old bankers and businessmen, there is a stunningly handsome young man. When he invites her to dance, she can’t refuse. But she’s not prepared for the sensations she experiences when pressed so closely to him, nor does she anticipate where a seemingly innocent dance might lead…
   You can find On the Dance Floor here!

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