Thursday, January 3, 2013

On the tenth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the tenth of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book by Author Pelaam

Author:  Pelaam

Intro:  Born in the UK, I now reside in New Zealand, a very beautiful country. I'm an Art Historian (MA Art History).
I write M/M romance and my favorite genres for writing are fantasy, sci fi, and supernatural.
I grew up on Dr Who, Star Trek, and the original Night Stalker series which, along with a love of mythology, provide inspiration for my writing.
I won the Literotica Best Gay Male Halloween story for 'A Call from the Heart' and the overall Best Gay Male story for "Opposites Attract'.

Today's question is:

Do you decorate for Christmas? If so, how extreme are you? 

Pelaam says: I love decorating for Christmas. There is already a fibre optic tree in the bedroom and the first tree is up and decorated on the upper floor. The ground floor tree isn’t up yet, but will be possibly this weekend. I don’t decorate the room, apart from ornaments like angels or Santa swag bags – I don’t think I’m extreme in the least, I just love Christmas.

Our giveaway today is a copy of Christmas Magic. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment telling us how you decorate for Christmas!

Mitchell is unhappy with his relationship with John and his life in general. Then he meets his store's latest Christmas elf, who is not exactly what he seems. Linwood fights to protect Mitchell but their differences may make forever impossible.

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Check out what previous authors have said about how they decorate for Christmas:

Lissa said: Yes and no. I have decorations, but they are for my young nieces to put up. So there are lights that go on my balcony (really just thrown there) and sometimes I put up a tree for them to decorate, and my windows are almost always covered with clings that they rearrange every time they come over.

Danny said: If so how extreme are you? Not very extreme, no one sees our decorations anyway….we live in BFE. Usually the tree, a wreath on the front door, a few mantel décor is about the max for us.

Havan said: Depends on how we feel...and we seem to add (and/or subtract) throughout the season...just all depends lol

Kimber said: I've got four kids, although my oldest is grown. So, yeah, I decorate. The tree (which is artificial and my daughter hates because she says it’s not Christmas without the pine smell), my middle son is autistic and a crafty little joker so my walls are covered in our craft projects, and if I’m really feeling motivated, I’ll put lights up outside.

Hank said: We used to, but not that much any more. We have two young cats and haven’t put up a tree in years. We do have a big wreath strung with lights that we use as our “tree,” a gift from my partner’s sister.

DC said: I put up a tree, and we have a couple things we put out. I also have an electric Menorah, because I'm a fabulously ghetto Jew.

Lee said: We put up a tree, decorate with tinsel, lights, and bulbs. That's about it. The cat and dog tend to eat other ornaments if we set them around. Oh, and we have a gorgeous manger set that we put on the sideboard.

Allison said: I did the first year in the first house I owned. I went all out, made my own Yule log and everything, even threw a party. Since we travel for Christmas, I stopped.

Jackie said: Yes!  I’m not too extreme but I do have to have a real tree with about a thousand lights. Okay, I guess that’s extreme for a seven footer.  Plus I put lights up around the house, clay houses and Christmas beanies.  Even the kids have their own tree and fisher price Santa toys that come out.   Did I say I wasn't extreme? O.o  Might need to retract that one. 


  1. We just decorate inside, too. We live out in the middle of nowhere, as well. I DO love the way the house looks at Christmas time and it always makes me a little sad when it's time to take them down.

  2. I try my hardest to decorate every year funds permitting. My family does a bit christmas light show with lights and computers and music every year.

  3. We try every year to decorate outside,but we usually just end up decorating inside the house.