Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the ninth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

On the ninth day of Christmas my Kindle gave to me...

A book by Jackie Nacht!

Author:  Jackie Nacht

Intro:  Hi all!  I’d like to give a shout out to Jenny and Missy for having me on their blog today. Thank you.  To all of you partiers, I’d love to give away one of the two releases that came out December 15th.  If we have 25 comments today, I’ll give both of them away.  But what should you comment on? Hmmm…  My question to all you readers, bloggers and authors out there, what is your favorite holiday cartoon?  Mine is Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol followed neck and neck with Charlie Brown Christmas.  I dig the songs and razzleberry dressing :D  But it’s hard to beat Charlie Brown and Linus picking out that cute little tree.  Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by.  Hugs!  

Today's question is:

Which is your favorite reindeer?

Jackie says: Clarice because she loved Rudolph red nose and all.  I know she’s not one of the original but in the original claymation version show, the originals were meanie- butts lol.

Okay you heard her! Today's giveaway is a copy of one of her new releases, either Paper Cuts and Mistletoe or See. If we get at least 25 comments, she'll give away one of each! Jackie wants to know What is your favorite holiday cartoon! 

Paper Cuts and Mistletoe: Who thought paper cuts and sabotaging Christmas lights could bring two men together?
    Kipp is having one hell of a time after graduating from college. Subbing jobs are pretty inconsistent and desperate times call for desperate measures. He finds himself working as a gift wrapper at the department store in the mall during the Christmas season. Kipp can freely admit that he sucks at it but needs the cash to stay in his tiny apartment. Then he sees Jesse working at the mall, the guy he grew up with but never had the courage to talk to. Can these two finally connect after all these years? Is this nightmarish job going to give him the best present of all…an opportunity to get to know the crush he’s had most of his life?
    Authors Note: This book may be read as a stand-alone, story but for better reading enjoyment, you may want to read secondary characters, Xathan and Chaddrick’s story in Full Disclosure on Black Friday.

See:  When love allows you to see in your darkest hour.
    Drew has had a tough couple of months. Coming out to his parents wasn't too bad except it hasn't been brought up since. However, coming out to his friends his freshman year in high school is a whole different story. His friends turn their backs on him and have become leaders in the daily tortures he has since had to endure. When a humiliation page pops up on the internet showing pictures of Drew being bullied, he decides to end it all.
    Just before he takes his life, the fourteen-year-old Mason appears telling him that he will be Drew’s husband in the future and spirits are guiding him to help stop Drew from making an irreversible mistake. Mason will be advised to take Drew on a journey to see what his future would be like if he didn't end his life. When Drew is still unconvinced, Mason will show Drew the impact his life will have on the others around him if he does end it all. Will Mason be able to show him that Drew has a future to live for and give him the guidance to help him get through his darkest hour?

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Find out what previous authors have said on what their favorite reindeer is:

Lissa said: Rudolph?

Danny said: Most will say Rudolph … so I will say… COMET…. Just for the hell of it. LOL

Havan said: um...Vixen...*waggles brows*

Kimber said: It’s gonna be trite, but it’s Rudolph. He was the underdog, so to speak. I have always been willing to go to battle for the underdog. Lol I might be the only one playing with him, but he wouldn’t be alone or mistreated.

Hank said: Rudolph, of course (see my response to my favorite Christmas story here). But Prancer is  a close second. I think it’s the name, just that much fancier than Dancer.

DC said: Rudolph, of course. And not just because I played him in my kindergarten production of "Santa Comes to Town"

Lee said: I have two. Donner and Blitzen have been my favorite reindeer since I was a child. We had this album called Snoopy's Christmas, and one of the songs was the story of Donner and Blitzen. It was great, told about how shy they were, and I really identified with those two.

Allison said: There’s reindeer? Um… yeah, I’ve got nothing for this one.


  1. I love Snoopy, I have to watch Charlie Browns Christmas every year or I pout!
    Chris NoOne

  2. I'm going to go with Rudolph for this one, too! The others are BULLIES!! What fun is being a reindeer without getting to play the games?

  3. I like Dasher! I have a need for speed!

  4. My favorite is Dr. Seuss How the Grinch stole Christmas. The cartoon version.