Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guest Author : Xavier Axelson

Interview with Xavier Axelson!

Missy and I would like to welcome Author Xavier Axelson to our cave today! Pull up a chair, grab some coffee and let’s have a chat! 

So Xavier, today we are going to interrogate, I mean interview you on some fun things! J

When did you first start writing? 
 I first started writing in elementary school; I think it was around 4th grade.

Do you have any funky habits you do while writing? 
 I need silence but actually this year I’m making it a point to try and learn to write in different noisier environments.

If you were attacked by zombies what would be your weapon of choice?  
 I’m pretty sure I’d be a zombie.

Now we had the joy of reading your first book Velvet, and we are both very curious to if you if you have your own obsession with the fabric velvet.  
 I do like Velvet, but the idea for the story came from an article about 15th century sumptuary laws.

Where did you get the inspiration for your book? 
 The very last page of Vogue magazine and the picture of a shoe. 

Do you plan on writing a sequel? If so is it about the brother? We liked the brother.   
Thank you.  Sylvain is one of my favorite characters.  It was important that his disability not be a weakness and that his portrayal was respectful, I hope I succeeded.  As for a sequel, I have no idea.  We’ll see.

Did you do any research on velvet for the book?   
A ton.  I spent a lot of tine researching Elizabethan, Edwardian, and 15th century customs, costumes, castle maps, and how the blind learn to sew and cut patterns.  It was incredibly rewarding.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you chose to go?   
Until recently I would have said Sweden, but I’m fascinated with Patagonia right now.

Who is your greatest inspiration? 

     Thank you so much for joining us today!   Thank you!

 Velvet is a very intreaging read. It's not often that we find ourselves reading historical romances. I think they are more thought provoking in the sense that you are not only taken out of your present time into a different world, but a world that actually once existed. It's easy to imagine having to go to a tailor and looking at different fabrics and colors and requesting things to be made for you, and depending on the tailor to make something that fits your coloring, and standing in society. It's a little scary cause I can only imagine what I'd end up wearing lol. Velvet brings you back in time, to a place where things such as a certain type of fabric that no one has seen before is almost like magic! Virago has found himself in the position of Royal Tailor. The Prince is soon to be crowned King, and after seeing this velvet, wants no one to wear it before him. Velvet tells the tale of how power changes a man, and how something as simple as fabric can tear worlds apart. Though even in the turmoil, love can be found, and is a treasure. If you enjoy historical reads and thoughtful romances, give Velvet a try. It will take you back in time! 
 We give Velvet three and a half smooches!
You can find Velvet here!

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