Sunday, May 17, 2015

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia

Today is an important day. It's the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this today.

It's hard to put words down on how something important makes you feel sometimes. We are raised in a world where we are encouraged to keep our thoughts to ourselves. Don't upset the balance of how things have always been. But how things have been is wrong. There's so much hate, discrimination and persecution out there, just for being an individual. Parents pass down their anger and hatred on to their children and the cycle continues. When does it stop?

We have to make a choice. We have to make the decision to stop the cycle. To teach our children love and understanding for ALL. Not just for the people we like. You can't say I want everyone to be equals and then cut someone down because they piss you off. You have to agree to love everyone, to show that love and to teach it to others.

Growing up I was judged a lot. I grew up with two brothers. I was a Tom boy. I didn't want to be the girly girl in dresses and make up. I wanted to stuff my face with burgers and pizza and watch cartoons. In high school I was one of the guys, I wasn't the girl guys looked at. And no one ever came out as gay or bi or anything that wasn't just normal. Now as an adult I'm still not in to girly things. I don't care for dresses. I don't want diamonds.  I get more excited going camping or going to the zoo. I got the cutest cactus for mother's day. I loved it.

I was raised Christian in a loving family. I understand that sounds really great but as much as they preached love and understanding.  They only understand you if you stay in their bubble of acceptance. The only person who truly gets me is my younger brother. We're both cut from the same cloth of awesome weirdness. I tell you this because it's not always hate that spews out on us, destroying who we are. Sometimes it's quiet disapproval or a blind eye. They simply refuse to accept you they way you are despite the preachings of love and understanding. I sometimes feel like I'd rather have the hate and spewed words because at least you can take a stand and fight back. It's hard to fight against a blind eye.

We all deserve love and acceptance. We all deserve to be who we feel we are in our hearts. I won't tell you I don't care who you love. I do care. I care because it matters and I'm happy for you. I care that you decided to take the steps to transition because you will feel complete that way. I care that you found your soul mate, no matter the gender. I care that you are perfectly happy by yourself in your own skin because that's who you are. I hope as the days go on to the rest of the year, not just today that you will at least remember, I care.

We are better than the hate, than the judgement and the lies. We are better and we deserve to be loved. Love each other for everyone is beautiful. No matter what. Be better.

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