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Covert Delivery Book Blast!

The Book Whores are happy to showcase Draven St. James on our blog today to show you his latest release Covert Delivery. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a copy!

Aspen Starr is in a bind and not in a good way. His father is trying to use him to sweeten a business deal and being a bought boy toy holds no appeal. Just when he thinks he has no options left Sundae’s Custom Easter Baskets knocks at his door. Soon he finds himself blindly following a trail right into the path of a sexy new boss and a whole new mess of carnal complications.

Garren Thomas has rules and one of those is to never get involved with an employee. Easy to say, harder to enforce when Aspen is hired on. With each passing day Garren's control slips until all he wants to do is spend his days with Aspen in his bed.

When faced with giving into his desires, Garren sees his simple life being torn apart. Can he get Aspen out of his system without losing his heart? Aspen isn't much better off. He is drawn to Garren, but he can't help the fear that the secrets from his past will destroy it all. As Aspen's begins to lose himself within the confusion of sex and love one question plagues him: who sent the basket?


Garren pushed away from the wall and into the light of the lobby. “Looks like I missed out on a lot.”

Aspen ducked his head and went to his desk to dig around in a drawer. The first time Taylor had sent him shopping for office supplies, Aspen had bought random sheets of kids’ stickers. On the rare occasion Taylor performed child evaluations, a little bribery to bring out good behavior never hurt. Aspen came away with two sheets of fairy stickers.

“Not too much. We’re working on crowns and a new kingdom.” Aspen swerved around Garren, his eyes twinkling. “Do you want a crown?”

Garren narrowed his eyes on Aspen. He put his hands on Aspen’s shoulders to stop him and leaned in to whisper, “That was low. There’s no way I can refuse those pixies. I’m going to end up with a glittery, construction-paper crown glued to my head, aren’t I?"

Aspen looked over his shoulder. “Don’t worry there won’t be glitter on yours. I’ll be the queen,” he murmured with a grin. “So you’ll need to fill the role as king.”

Garren shook his head. “You’re trouble.”

Aspen shimmied to dislodge Garren’s hands. “You just figured that out?”

With a resigned sigh Garren followed him.

“Girls, I found someone else who needs a crown,” Aspen declared, gesturing at Garren.

The tykes jumped up and down. Garren fought the urge to reach out and hug Aspen for giving them this moment of levity even at Garren’s expense.

Aspen held out the stickers, and the enthusiasm magnified until the girls were dancing around the room. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” the girls chanted in a singsong fashion.

A softly murmured, “Oh my,” came from behind Garren.

Garren turned to yet again see the shimmer of tears in Mrs. Burgett’s eyes, but a smile accompanied the moisture.

Aspen grinned back at her. “I hope you don’t mind. The girls have been fantastic. We’ve managed to make crowns and bracelets.”

“Even for you, Mommy,” one of the twins piped up and ran over to Mrs. Burgett to carefully hand her the items as though they were made of glass.

Mrs. Baker cradled them. “Thank you, Maryann.”

“Becca and Mr. Aspen helped,” Maryann replied.

“And we ate apples and cheese crackers,” Becca added.

Garren looked briefly at Aspen. He’d seen Aspen eating the same things earlier in the week.

“That was very nice of Mr. Aspen,” Mrs. Burgett said with a hitch in her voice. “But we have to go now, girls.”

“Oh,” the girls replied with exaggerated pouts on both their faces.

“Say thank-you to Mr. Aspen,” Mrs. Burgett directed.

Both girls ran over to Aspen and threw their arms around his waist. “Sorry we didn’t get a chance to make your crown,” Becca said.

“That’s fine, sweetheart. I’ll be sure to make a matching one when you leave,” Aspen assured her.

“You need to make two,” Maryann interjected. “One for the big king behind you. That way we’ll know you’re helping rule the kingdom even if we can’t see you.”

Garren wanted to pick the girl up and hug her. Tell her that everything would work itself out and she’d never be hurt again. While it was a possibility if Mrs. Burgett went through with the charges, he wouldn’t make promises he couldn’t keep.

“Thank you, Mr. Aspen,” Mrs. Burgett said. “You don’t know how much I appreciate you taking care of my girls.”

“You’re welcome,” Aspen responded.

Maryann and Becca skipped over to their mom, and grabbed hold of her hands as they exited the office.

Garren stared after their retreating backs. He grimaced at the tattered clothes and worn shoes. His jaw clenched, and he pivoted and stalked back to his office. The lump in his throat threatened to shatter his control of his emotions. He made it through the door, placed his hands on his desk, and breathed deeply. Mrs. Burgett reminded him of his mother.

Aspen lightly touched his back, and Garren jerked around to gaze at him.

“I know you’ll do all you can,” Aspen confided.

“And you?” Garren cracked and cupped Aspen’s face with one hand. “You gave those little girls your lunch and made them laugh. You took away their stress and let them be kids.”

Aspen glanced away. “I did what anyone else would do. They deserve to have as much joy as every other child.”

“You’re wrong. Not everyone would do what you did. I think most would have set them in the lobby and spent the time telling them to be quiet.” Garren had seen that reality time and time again.

Aspen shrugged.

Garren caved and leaned in until his lips were mere inches from Aspen’s. “You are so beautiful.”

Aspen didn’t back away. His breath came faster, and his eyes flashed with that same glow Garren had seen in the past.

“Garren,” Aspen whispered with a thread of uncertainty.
Garren brushed his thumb over Aspen’s full lower lip, and desire zinged through his body when Aspen’s tongue peeked out to trace the path. Garren’s brain screamed what a huge mistake kissing Aspen would be, but at that point he wasn’t being ruled by his head.

You can find Covert Delivery on Amazon and Loose Id

Author Bio: I’m a born and raised Oregonian. I’ve traveled extensively in search of mischief and mayhem to fill my books.  My ventures have been quite successful in inspiring a wealth of stories both sexy and humorous.  It gives me a great excuse to do some crazy stuff in the name of research. Of course at the end of the day, coffee within reach, laptop at the ready is where I find my peace.

You can find Draven:

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Special Guest Rhys Ford!

Book Whores are super happy to have Rhys Ford on our blog today! Check it minions!

Someone asked me once… What’s it like to be a writer? What should you do?

My answer was pretty simple. Write. Explore. Show the reader something new. Show the reader something familiar. Give them a personality to fall in love with. Give them a person they can cheer for.

Slow your story down. Show us the surroundings. Show us the background. Make us believe we are there besides these people. Give them lives. Give them quirks. Give them personalities.

No no, they clarified. Afterwards, after you get published. What then?

What then? Harder question really. Where to start? What to say?

Then it struck me. It was pretty simple.

Don’t be a douchebag. Don’t be an asshole. Try to remember people are human. Try to remember you are human. You’re going to fuck up and say the wrong thing. Apologize. Take compliments with a grain of salt and a shitfuckton of grace. But just… don’t be an asshole.

Okay so all of that advice can really be applied to all of life.

Let’s break it down some.

In this day and age… muah hah hah… We should name our internet ages. This would be like Dogeastic Era… Okay, I’m back now. Anyway, in this day and age, who we are as a person is pretty much up for grabs for anyone to see. Who we are as people …who we show to the general public… is wide fucking open and vulnerable.

Remember this as a writer.

But I also have to remember this as a reader. See, I count myself as a reader probably more than I do a writer. Because I’ve been reading as long if not more so than I’ve been writing.

Still it comes down to… not being an asshole. I can be one. Really. God… and usually I’m clueless while doing it. Isn’t that the worst thing? And well, I am very very good at saying I’m sorry. Or at least it’s a life skill I’m familiar with.

Try to be generous with your time. Comment and thank people. Yeah, same advice as in real life. Because honestly, being a writer is kind of like having a second life…and not in that maybe creepy kind of online living SIM way that I’ve never actually experienced but seemed kind of odd.

Maybe because the one experience I had with someone interacting through it was… wait for it—an asshole.

Now I want to avoid it like the plague. All because of ONE person and how he behaved towards other people.

Same thing goes with books sometimes. One bad experience and you’re put off for life. Too much negative in a book and I get all.. okay, I’m steeped already. I need some air. But.. oh but… you do need a wee bit of that negative in there.

Inside of books, you kind of need an asshat in between the pages.

We all do it. There has to be a guy no one likes or at least seems to be beyond redemption to make the rest of the thing go down easier. That grain of salt. That acidic to the sugar. One always needs an Alan Rickman character.

I swear, I had a place I was going with this. *grins* Stick with me. It goes back to the original question… how to be a writer? Be a good person. Be a good writer. But add the acid with the sweet. Be sure to stick an asshat or two in. Make them believable. And most of all, make them a bit complicated if you intend to use them again.

Now what does this have to do with Dirty Deeds? Well, I established a bunch of asshattery in this series a while back and the time has come for it to go full circle. Cole has to deal with a bunch of negative things he put aside—namely Ben and the shooting. As we enter into the second trilogy, he’s got to learn how to deal with and maybe forgive the destructive people in his life.

Even when one of those people is himself.

We’ll be doing a lot of exploration along those lines. Cole’s world is changing. Changing kind of fast but at the same time, it’s for the better. He’s got Jae. He’s got his friends and his family. Oh and Jae. Did I mention Jae? But there’s the past…the mistakes…the big why shadowing him and Cole being Cole, he needs to scratch that itch—maybe even until it bleeds.

And yes, he’ll probably be an asshole while doing it. Hopefully he’ll apologize before he goes too far. But we’ll see. *grins*

So that—in a nutshell—how to be a writer. Or a person. Or hell, whatever you do, don’t forget to add a pinch of asshatery into your book. Adds flavour. Like a green chilies in your cranberry and pineapple relish.*

You won’t regret it.

*No really, try it. Toss in some canned sweet pineapple, whole cranberry sauce and a small can of green chilies together and mix together. Damned tasty stuff. Okay, yeah canned is cheating but really, wouldn’t you rather be reading a book than standing over a stove boiling down cranberries?

ANNOUNCING: Dirty Deeds by Rhys Ford (Book 4 in the Cole McGinnis Series)

Sheila Pinelli needed to be taken out.

Former cop turned private investigator Cole McGinnis never considered committing murder. But six months ago, when Jae-Min’s blood filled his hands and death came knocking at his lover’s door, killing Sheila Pinelli became a definite possibility.

While Sheila lurks in some hidden corner of Los Angeles, Jae and Cole share a bed, a home, and most of all, happiness. They’d survived Jae’s traditional Korean family disowning him and plan on building a new life—preferably one without the threat of Sheila’s return hanging over them.

Thanks to the Santa Monica police mistakenly releasing Sheila following a loitering arrest, Cole finally gets a lead on Sheila’s whereabouts. That is, until the trail goes crazy and he’s thrown into a tangle of drugs, exotic women, and more death. Regardless of the case going sideways, Cole is determined to find the woman he once loved as a sister and get her out of their lives once and for all.

Rhys Ford’s Dirty Deeds may be purchased at:

About Rhys Ford

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats of varying degrees of black fur, a black Pomeranian puffball and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and a purple Bella coffee maker.

My Blog:



And at the Starbucks down the street. No really, they’re 24/7. And a drive-thru. It’s like heaven.

My books can be purchased, folded and first chapters read at Dreamspinner Press.

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Cover Reveal with Elizabeth Noble!

The Book Whores are happy to be a part of Elizabeth Noble's cover release day! Come see her new cover, find a little bit out about the book and enter to win a beautiful etched glass based on the cover!

Run for the Roses

Wanting to end his pattern of choosing controlling and abusive men, Vladimir ‘Val’ Mihalic figures it’s better to live alone than live in fear. Just when things are settling down—his biggest trouble recently is a Kentucky Derby hopeful that won’t load into a starting gate—his best friend Janelle’s violent ex-boyfriend kidnaps her. After she’s seriously injured in a car wreck, Wyatt Harig, Janelle’s estranged father, comes around to tend to his daughter. Despite Val’s determination to avoid relationships, Wyatt interests him in ways that make his resolve waver. As complications and repercussions pile on in the aftermath of Janelle’s kidnapping—including a gambling charge and a murder—Wyatt and Val must work together to seek answers. And the closer they get to each other, the more Val wants them to stay that way.

Elizabeth Noble started telling stories before she actually knew how to write, and her family was very happy when she learned to put words on a page. Those words turned into fan fiction that turned into a genuine love of M/M romance fiction. Being able to share her works with Dreamspinner is really a dream come true. She has a real love for all things sci-fi, futuristic, and supernatural and a bit of an unnatural interest in a super-volcano in Wyoming.

Elizabeth has three grown children and is now happily owned by an adorable mixed breed canine princess named Rosie, and two cats, Murphy and Yeti. She lives in her native northeast Ohio, the perfect place for gardening, winter and summer sports (go Tribe!). When she's not writing she's working as a veterinary nurse, so don't be surprised to see her men with a pet or three who are a very big part of their lives.

You can find her on her website!

Don't forget to enter!

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Pray the Gay Away Tour!

We are super excited to have Sara York on our blog today talking about something important! Don't forget to enter her giveaway too!!

Hi Everyone, I'm Sara York sending out a huge thank you to Book Whores United for having me here today.

Today, I want to talk about a serious subject. Pray The Gay Away is a lighthearted title, making a little bit of fun about some of the issues seen in conservative religious families. For gay kids in those families, the situations can be desperate.

Even with all the strides we've made in improving the state of equality for LGBT youth, there are still plenty of families where gay and lesbian kids are kicked out, harassed, and told they have to change. The sad statistic reveals that 30 to 40% of LGBT youth have attempted suicide. The number of gay youth who commit suicide isn't gathered because that numbers would be too hard to collect since orientation isn't taken down at the time of death. The problem is very real, and for youth who are dealing with being different than their peers, it is devastating.

I hope that Pray The Gay Away opens the eyes of adults and youth, showing them that the gay can't be prayed away. Having more high profile adults come out helps today's youth to see that there is a good life awaiting them. Of course coming out is a very personal experience and no one should ever be forced to out him or herself. Having role models is great and I say a big thank you to those actors, professional athletes, politicians, and others in high profile positions. You've are all very brave!

In Pray The Gay Away, Jack and Andrew find love but their parents are absolutely against having any gay children. Jack has it easier than Andrew since he has nine siblings and his parents don't have that much time to focus on him. When Andrew meets Jack, he is lost and alone, adrift in a sea of pain in at risk of ending it all.

Blurb - Star football player, Jack Miller, had it all. The perfect family, looks, girls hanging on his every word, and the respect of most people in his town. But one thing was missing--a man to be his own.

When Andrew Collins showed up in small town, conservative Sweet, Georgia, he looked more scrawny mutt than high school senior. Andrew's plan was to keep his head down and graduate high school, leaving his family behind to start his real life.

When he meets Andrew, Jack thinks he's found heaven, but reality holds him in check until one night when his lips gently slide across Andrew's and fireworks go off.

As lust and something a little deeper brings them together, compelling them to take chances, people start to notice. Then the unthinkable happens, and Jack's parents find out he likes guys. The battle lines are drawn and they vow to pray the gay away.

Pray The Gay Away is available at most online retailers.

Make sure to enter the Rafflecopter drawing for a 16GB Kindle Fire from Amazon or comparable gift certificate for residents outside of the United States for one lucky winner.

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Sara York Bio

Writing is Sara York's life. The stories fight to get out, often leaving her working on four or five books at once. She can't help but write. Along with her writing addiction she has a coffee addiction. Some nights, the only reason she stops writing and goes to sleep is for the fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Sara enjoys writing twisted tales of passion, anger, and love with a good healthy dose of lust thrown in for fun.

Visit Sara York at her Blog or Website.

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Dirty Teacher by Harley Baker

Linda Moore is a teacher who cannot find what she is looking for, true love. When someone finally shows up who is all the things she wants in a man, gorgeous, kind-hearted, and totally into her, she hates her bad luck. Zac Jones is perfect, except for one little thing. He is her 19-year-old student. The story will tug at your heartstrings, and the sex will get you worked up!

Buy here!

Review: This is a short story about a teacher and her student. I felt like this story was kind of rushed. You have your stressed out teacher who gets a new student in her class and within 24 hours they are making out by his house. I think the story had potential but a lot of the pieces didn't add up. It was sweet that they found someone to connect to but the story just felt like it should have maybe been spaced out a little more.

3 smooches for Dirty Teacher

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For You Blog Tour!

We are happy to have CR Guiliano on our blog today to celebrate her coming release For You! She's here today to talk about her ever growing number of plot bunnies!

Plot Bunnies –
Oy, so…plot bunnies. It’s a standing joke on Facebook that I get attacked by plot bunnies on a daily basis. I’ve had friends who have passed them onto me, and then anxiously wait for me to write the story.
The little buggers come from every avenue, from a song I heard, to someone I saw (both familiar and strangers), to something someone said, to a twist on something I read. They come from every medium I’m exposed to, they come from brainstorming with others. They come from everywhere.
My warren is full to bursting. And if I counted up in months how long it would take me to write each and every one, I will be writing well into over a decade. Right now? I have forty-three manuscripts I am working on, and ninety-eight outlines, PLUS a good forty partial outlines, PLUS eight series that have a minimum of four books each (and one that has almost 20 alone), PLUS the multitude of manuscripts and outlines I have under my other two pseudonyms.
Obviously, I have no defense against the plot bunny attacks. I lose the battle every time. But that’s okay. The more ideas that come my way, either by plot bunny, muse or characters yelling at me, the more I have to put down on paper and share with the world.
So, my bunny hutch may be full, but little by little, I get to them and make them happy by telling their story.

Graham and Jeremy's first meeting sparks an explosive and passionate relationship that proves opposites attract. However, as time wears on, their differences cause a lot of strain between them.

Jeremy, a first grade teacher and softball coach, is deeply closeted and sees no way out of the darkness. Graham is out and proud and doesn’t understand Jeremy’s fear at revealing his sexuality. After four years of trying to balance the differences, Graham leaves.

Jeremy is heartbroken, knowing that the love they feel is the real thing. He knows he’s the one who needs to change, but old habits are hard to break. He'll need support from friends and family to make things right with Graham, but most of all he'll need to find strength within himself to be honest about who he really is.
Buy here at Dreamspinner 

GIVEAWAY! Each comment will be entered to win a copy of For You! You can get additional entries by following the blog tour.

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About the author:
CR Guiliano is an avid reader, which logically morphed into the love of writing. She writes in many genres, but is most happy writing the love between two men (or more!). She makes them work hard for their HEA and considers herself an expert in angst. CR finds her favorite form of writing is in serials, where she can continue to write about characters who have captured her heart and she hopes to have captured her readers' as well.
 You will usually find CR cuddled up to her laptop creating stories to entertain, inspire, and bring your emotions to the surface. CR has a huge warren of plot bunnies that is growing every day, and can’t wait to fill out each story idea and share them all with her readers.
CR was proudly nominated in the Goodreads Best Anthology Nominations and was thrilled to be included with the many talented writers from the same anthology.
CR is a committed advocate for the GLBTQ community and does her best to change society’s attitudes, one mind at a time. You can learn more about CR Guiliano and her stories at the following locations, and feel free to drop her line as she loves to hear from anyone interested in her or her writings:

You can find her :


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The Forester Trilogy Book 1!

Good morning all you book whores out there! It's been a crazy beginning to the year and I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. Today I get to tell you about the Forester. I was lucky enough to get my hands on books 1 & 2 of the trilogy. I can't wait for 3 to come out!

Kelnaht, a cloud elf, is a truth seeker caught between love and faith. Worse, a murder committed ten days before Solstice reveals an illicit affair between two tree elves he desires more than he can admit: Kelnaht's former lover Ianys, who once betrayed him, and the shunned forester named Taruif, who is not allowed to talk to anyone but The Guide, their spiritual pathfinder. When Taruif turns out to be the only witness for the crime, Kelnaht has to keep Ianys from sacrificing himself and losing his daughter, while at the same time realising he'd gladly sacrifice himself to end Taruif's loneliness.

So, I really liked this one. It captured me right away. There are a lot of paranormal books out there of all different kinds and it's becoming increasingly rarer to find something that stands out in that area. This definitely stood out for me. Kelnaht is like a bad ass flying elf detective. We get to follow him as he hunts down a murderer and as he gets tangled in his emotions for not one but two other elves. One of which is the forester, who no ones allowed to speak to cause he's shunned, and second his ex, who betrayed him for a chick back in the day. It's very conflicting for him and emotional. I loved it. I read this in one sitting and was so glad I had the second book ready to dive into! Stay tuned for my review of the second book : )

5 smooches to The Forester! You can find it here!