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Cover Reveal with Lee Brazil!!

We have Lee Brazil visiting today to celebrate his cover reveal!

Good morning Book Whores United! *blows kisses for Jenny and Missy* Y'all know I'm blushing with that site name. My mama would have my hide if she could hear me saying it. *Looks around* I haven’t been here before. What an awesome site you've put together.  Thanks for allowing me to visit. I've got a gorgeous new cover to share and an advance copy to give away. *sips coffee* For those in the audience who don't know me, I'm Lee Brazil, author of m/m romance, and proud member of the Pulp Friction organization.
That's what brings me here today.

What's Pulp Friction? Well you might ask! It is about the most complicated undertaking I've attempted recently. 4 Authors, 4 series, 20 books, one fiery finale.

See, Laura Harner, Havan Fellows, Tom Webb and I create an interlocking web of mm romance serial fiction that culminates in a single story. Last year we took on Atlanta, and this year we're moving into Flagstaff.

I followed a character I created, who kind of got nudged out of what was supposed to be his primary role last year.

Cannon Malloy, neurosurgeon, was supposed to be Chance DuMont's partner. Things just didn't work out that way. He was, as they say, too late to get the worm. *blinks* Er…early bird gets the worm, right? So being late, by about five years, means Cannon gets no worm. Not that I'm saying Chance was a worm, though I hear some people *coughs* called him a variety of names during his interactions with Rory Gaines, who turned out to be the genuine love of his life.

Well, since I allowed Rory to steal Cannon's love, I figured I had to give him a second chance *hehe.  See what I did there?*

So Cannon picks up and moves to Flagstaff to get away from a memory of a love he really can't have (among other things)…and that's when the snow starts falling. Which makes this gorgeous cover absolutely perfect.
Look for
In From the Cold: Cold Snap
at eBook vendors on January 31, 2014!

About Pulp Friction 2014
Laura Harner ~ Lee Brazil ~ Havan Fellows ~ T.A. Webb
The Pulp Friction 2014 Collection. Four authors. Four Series. Twenty books. One fiery finale. Spend a year with an eclectic group of strangers brought together through circumstances, as they are tested by life, and emerge as more than friends.
The strongest bonds are forged by fire, cooled in air, smoothed by water, grounded in earth.
Although each series can stand alone, we believe reading the books in the order they are released will increase your enjoyment.

Now, I did promise to give away an advance copy- which will be available on January 30th. Leave me a comment here telling me how you feel about serials – written or on television- and you'll be entered to win.
3 copies will be given away- all comments on each blog will count as an entry. So, feel free to visit each stop and leave a comment! (Note – each blogs asks a different question, so read carefully!)

THE FINE PRINT: Please read: All prizes are ebooks, in pdf format. Prizes must be claimed by February 7th. In order to win, you must provide an email address. If you do not provide an email, then you are ineligible. Although you may enter up to 7 times, you may win only one copy. Winner will be announced at . Tour Hosts MAY choose to post winners but will not be obligated to do so. 

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Cabin Boys Blog Tour

Today we are welcoming William Cooper to our blog to celebrate the release of his book Cabin Boys.We asked William to tell us a little bit about what inspired him to write this story and to tell us a bit about it.

The Writing of Cabin Boys

Everyone is always telling me I'd make more if I wrote contemporary novels instead of niche Brother/Brother books. As much as I love making money from my writing (and trust me, I do. Just look at my comic book collection.) I love writing stories I enjoy more.

I do like writing contemporary, which is why I wrote For His Love. But, more often than not, I enjoy writing brother/brother books even more. The taboo, forbidden nature of the books makes them exciting to both read and write.

For Cabin Boys, it started as a short five thousand word piece of erotica that came to me one day. I pictured two brothers, one of whom is a stereotypical straight guy, venturing to a cabin in the woods for sex. With the help of my amazing beta readers and editor, Cabin Boys was transformed into the nearly fifteen thousand word novella it is today.

Instead of being a quick story with nothing but sex, it became the story of two brothers finally opening up to each other. It became a story of hurt and comfort. Two brothers, who had drifted apart over the past few years, finally came together. (Sometimes even literally!)

Cabin Boys was one of the most challenging books I've written. Just ask JP Barnaby. She spent half of GayRomLit glaring at me as I tried to get everything just right. I think even my editor wanted to strangle my with my phone charger by the time we finished with this book.

But in the end, I think it was worth it. Elliot and Aaron got their story told, and I learned a lot along the way.

Aaron has been in love with his brother for years. Unfortunately for Aaron, those feelings haven't been mutual. Elliot loves his brother, sure, but he's not in love with Aaron. After a drunken night up at their parents' cabin in the woods, could things finally be going Aaron's way?

Excerpt: Cabin Boys Excerpt (Must be 18 years or older to read)

     Elliot sent shivers through my body as he ran his tongue along my shaft. Arching my back, hips driving up to give him better access, I wished he’d stop teasing me. God, just suck it already. He opted for mercy and worked his magic by taking my cock into his hot mouth. Heart slamming against my ribs, I thought maybe his mouth might be what heaven feels like—sexual redemption to be found sliding my cock between his full, red lips.

     With each rise and fall of Elliot’s head, I got closer to coming. The weight of the impending orgasm, the pressure in my balls drove me insane. I wanted him to take my cum, wanted him to swallow every last drop. Then I wanted to push him down onto the bed and suck his cock dry. I could almost hear his moans as he fisted my hair.

     Just as I was about to come, I heard my bedroom door open and it jarred me out of my fantasy. I opened my eyes and yanked my blanket over my lower half as Elliot sauntered in. Even though it was pretty obvious what I’d been doing, I still didn’t need him to see for himself. The heat rising in my cheeks assured me they were bright red as I faced him down. It didn’t help that he was the object of my fantasy.

     Elliot stood in the doorway, a slight grin on his face. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts. It was obvious he’d been working out in the basement again. Droplets of sweat slid down his body, moving along the curves of his chest and abs. I loved that the only hair he had on his chest was the little trail leading from his belly button to beneath his shorts. Elliot’s grin solidified my assumption that he knew I was jerking off.

     Even though I was twenty-one, I felt like a teenager again. I couldn’t wait until I was out of the house and had my own place. I had hoped for some privacy by now, but Elliot had decided to live with our parents until he finished his MBA. He claimed it was far less expensive than on-campus housing or an apartment.

     My gaze roamed over his body, from the contours of his shoulder, down his pecs and abs, to the small trail of hair that lead to the prize inside his shorts. Stop that! I chastised myself. I couldn’t let Elliot notice me ogling him, much less figure out he’d just interrupted a fantasy involving him. He was my brother, after all, and I can’t imagine he’d be pleased with it.

     “You got any plans for the weekend?” he asked.

     I rolled my eyes. The fucker could’ve at least said hello or apologized for not knocking when he came in. He reinforced my belief that I’d gotten all the manners from our genetic pool, and they’d drifted right past him. Elliot never was one to beat around the bush. “Nope, why?”

     He leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed in front of his chest, still grinning from his embarrassing masturbatory discovery. “I was thinking we could go up to the cabin for the weekend. We haven’t been up there since last summer, and I wanna grab some beers and have some fun before school starts up again.”

     “Sounds good. I could use a few days away from the house. We leave in the morning?” Elliot was right. We hadn’t gone up there since about this time last year. We were well overdue for a break away from the rest of the world.

     “Yeah, if that works for you. We can stop at the liquor store down the street and stock up like we always do. How’s that sound?”

     I nodded. “Yeah, that works for me. What time we leaving?”

     “Be ready to go around six,” Elliot said, then winked. “Have fun taking care of that.” He turned and left, closing the door behind him.

     Six? Seriously? As far as I was concerned, there were no hours between two am and eight am. No one in their right mind wants to get up that early. But then again, no one ever said Elliot was in his right mind.

     Truth be told, I looked forward to spending a few days up at the cabin. Spending some time together, just the two of us, would be a good way to bond like we’d done as kids. With school and everything, we’d drifted apart a bit, and I missed the easy rapport we’d had. But for now, I wanted to finish what I’d been doing before he interrupted. The sound of Elliot’s voice, and the memory of his sweaty torso, was more than enough to bring my cock back to full attention, despite my earlier embarrassment.

William Cooper has been writing and reading since he was little. In 2010 he took the first step toward publishing a book and hasn’t looked back since. Whether it’s two men who met in college or brothers who have been in love their entire life, William loves to tell their story for everyone to read.

You can find William Cooper online at:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fraternal Devotion Anthology

When you pit knowledge against emotions, there's the no-man's land in between those two opposing forces where taboos lie. Incest is one of the untouchables, a taboo that even in alternative cultures is often still looked on negatively. But how can something that feels so right be wrong? In Fraternal Devotion, the focus is on brotherly love—in every sense of the word. These are tales of love, lust, devotion, and passion as real as any other romance. Why should the fact that the two men are brothers take away from that? This collection may challenge your assumptions and beliefs, but may also melt your heart. Not to mention steam up your glasses.

Keith is a Humanist Corpsman, sworn to protect society from the mutated ranks of the Infected. When his own team betrays him, however, it's his long lost brother, Riley, who takes him in and makes him choose between War and Peace and Brotherhood. After nineteen months apart, Brandon Patrell, of Analgesia, is convinced it will take more than a home renovation to keep his playboy brother, Ethan, from running away again. But as Ethan resumes his old mind-games, Brandon is determined to tease back for once, even if it means risking everything in a game of all or nothing. A dozen years after discovering his father's suicide, Cale returns home and finds his older brother Derrick showing the same signs of melancholy. But as much as he wants to help his brother, he fears being sucked back into that world of Depression, Love, and Swimming Pools.

Jeremy has been On Clouds of Obsession since long ago glimpsing his brother, Matt, naked in the locker room. Years later, with Matt due to be married in a week, Jeremy takes a chance after Matt's bachelor's party that could jeopardize their relationship, not to mention the impending wedding. Songwriter Andrew lives life On the Edge, using drugs to quiet his uncertainties about his ongoing relationship with his twin, Ben. Disheartened by Andrew's empty promises, Ben begins to pull away, forcing Andrew to choose between letting go and finally finding the strength to stop running.

All of the stories in this anthology were good. Reading about the internal and external struggles these brothers have to face was at times heartbreaking but when they overcome their fears and the issue of loving their brother was sweet. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be Depression, Love and Swimming Pools by Leigh Wilder. Derrick and Cale are a good couple and the way they strive to conquer the looming depression that haunts both of them is heartwarming. Al around, the collection is good and all of the stories in it are worth a read.

4½ Smooches for the Fraternal Devotion anthology. You can find it here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peanut Butter and Jelly for Two by Jackie Nacht

The sexy chipmunk shifter isn't afraid of the dentist; he's in love with him.
Phillip has the best job working at the Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly. As a chipmunk shifter, Phillip has seen handsome men walk through the door but none so gorgeous as his boss and wolf shifter, Dr. Gunner Samuels. When he finds himself being manipulated by his best friend to ask the big bad wolf over for dinner, Phillip realizes his biggest dilemma, he's never cooked a day in his life, let alone meat. Can Phillip pull off a fabulous dinner for two? And has Gunner had his eye on the sexy shifter all this time?

Cute book. The idea that shifters need dentistry was an interesting setting for the story and the chipmunk shifter, Phillip, was just awesome. The hurtles that he has to bound over made him super endearing and left me rooting for him. Though short, the story is well rounded and was really a joy to read.

4 Smooches for Peanut Butter and Jelly for Two. You can find it here.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Angel's Honor by Erin M. Leaf

Raphael had no idea what he was getting into when he went to Castle Archangel to study the People’s oral history. He didn't expect his wings to suddenly change from brown to the purest white—the mark of an Omega, the destined mate of the Alpha. There has never been a male Omega before, not in all the millennia angels have flown the skies of Earth. However, when Raphael meets ebony-winged Gabriel, the true leader of the People, he knows he wants this man more than anything. Change is not always bad.

When Gabriel’s wings suddenly turn to startling ebony, he must deal with the knowledge that he is an Alpha, a leader of the angels. When he discovers that his destined mate is a man, he must accept that being Alpha of the People means accepting more than he’d expected. When their current leader challenges him, accusing Gabriel of committing one of the People’s most dishonorable crimes, Gabriel must fight: for his honor, for his mate, and for the survival of the angels.

This was a refreshing new take on angels. The angels are integrated into the human world and are not the immortal beings normally pictured, though things begin to change when the epic mating between Gabriel and Raphael begins. This book was awesome and refreshing both because the length was enough to cover the story without seeming rushed and the unique take on the subject. I am looking forward to more from this series.

5 Smooches for Angel's Honor. You can find it here.

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Storm Moon Press 4th Anniversary Blog Tour!

We are pleased to be a part of the 4th Anniversary Blog Tour for Storm Moon Press! Come check out an Author and enter to win free books for a year from Storm Moon Press!!! (See below for Rafflecopter)

Introducing Author K.A. Merikan!

I love co-authoring as K.A. Merikan. There's just something about the process of bouncing ideas off one another that makes me extremely inspired and productive. It took me years to find the right fit, someone whose sense of humor is similar to mine and who is interested in experimenting rather than playing it safe. Kat and I like pushing boundaries and turning tropes upside down. Our characters tend to be morally gray because neither of us enjoys reading about goodie goodies cast into a horrible situation, or suffering from the 'great misunderstanding'. Sometimes, good people do bad things, and bad characters do good things. We want our fiction to reflect that. 

 It's been almost two years since we started writing The Copper Horse: Fear. We wanted to write a slavery story that would be different than the books we read before. Both of us enjoy dub-con much more than non-con scenes, whereas the typical slavery/abduction novels tend to focus on brutal scenes, sometimes progressing to a hurt/comfort type of romance. While I understand what the readers/authors of such books like about them, I personally don't like reading scenes of sex where the sub/bottom doesn't enjoy himself. Also, I like something less black and white. Typical BDSM romance on the other hand, I don't generally find exciting or entertaining enough, unless there is an interesting non-relationship plotline. And sadly, books that contain those are scarce. 

 The main idea behind the power play in The Copper Horse trilogy is the fact that both characters are afraid to be sincere with each other. The book begins as an abduction story set in an alternative Victorian London. Reuben, a poor baker's son, is miserable, ashamed of his homosexuality and submissive desires. His life, however, undergoes a dramatic change after he's abducted and ends up as a 'pet horse' of a wealthy gang member. Despite initial shock and rage, he quickly adjusts to being pampered and enjoying guiltless sex with the most handsome man he has ever laid his eyes on. For the first time in his life, Reuben is the center of someone's attention, and being a human horse turns out to give his life purpose. Erik, the man who put a bridle on Reuben's head has very different reasons to hide his real thoughts from his pony. With time, it becomes clear he is not the only one holding power, nor is he just treating Reuben as a luxurious toy. 

 As for the pet play aspect of the book, it obviously has a big role in the plot. The Copper Horse is an erotic romance, so there were many opportunities for us to explore the various possibilities and types of pony play, which we wouldn't be able to do in a shorter book. As this is essentially a slavery story, we could immerse ourselves in Erik's fantasy world and show Reuben's fascination with it grow step by step. Moreover, pony play is unique in the sense that despite the 'pony' being a submissive to his master, it is not considered a 'lowly' animal in the way dogs, cows, and pigs are. Horses are proud animals, to be displayed and frolicked with, and even though people practicing pony play have various takes on it, that is a distinct way the horse as an animal is generally perceived. 

 We really enjoyed taking Erik and Reuben on the journey of highs and lows. None of them is perfect, but they are perfect for each other, and that is what counts. Although I believe it is a story that could resonate with many people on a strictly relationship-related level, the setting, the fetish, and the take on the slavery theme make it a bit obscure. I really hope it won't discourage readers, because at the core of The Copper Horse series is a love story, even if it's quite bloody and twisted. It is a somewhat risky book to publish, so we are very happy that Storm Moon Press saw its potential and took it under their wing ;) The whole story will consist of three books with titles that reflect Reuben's emotional journey as Erik's pet horse. We believe it is a different take on the genre, especially that it is a total of three novels dedicated to the exploration of pony play. It is something I always wanted to read, but couldn't find. 

 *** This post is part of Storm Moon Press' 4th Anniversary Blog Tour! Thank you for joining us, and please take a moment to enter our blog-tour-wide giveaway! The prize is receiving an ebook each month from SMP for 12 months! We hope to see you around the Internet and at RainbowCon in 2014! Happy New Year! SMP's 4th Anniversary Rafflecopter Giveaway ***

London 1907, twenty years into the zombie Plague Reuben is a baker living in the slums of London, sharing a room with his father and an extended family of cockroaches. Poor, uneducated, and repressing all his sexual desires, he leads a life of misery, only sometimes sprinkled with gin and a rough tumble in a filthy back alley. But when he is abducted into Bylondon to be the slave of a wealthy crime family member named Erik Dal, his values are put to the test. His new master is obsessed with all things equestrian, and Reuben soon learns that if he obeys and performs well as Erik's horse, he might just get everything he yearns for: pampering, foods he never even dreamed of, and shameless sex with a demonically handsome young man in leather riding boots. As Copper, Erik's treasured dun stallion, Reuben must submit to his new master's obscene fancy of possessing another man completely. That is, if he yearns for treats and not the lick of a riding crop. Fake tails, harnesses, and a new haircut to his ginger mane help Reuben transform into Copper, but the fear of losing his dignity in the eyes of society might just prove to be a bigger restraint than any bit, bridle, or handcuffs. All that for the small price of his freedom. Though at times, Reuben feels it's his soul that Erik is after instead.

Planned release date: March 7, 2014
K.A. Merikan is a joint project of Kat and Agnes Merikan, who jokingly claim to share one mind. They finish each other's sentences and simultaneously come up with the same ideas. Kat and Agnes enjoy writing various kinds of stories, from light-hearted romance to thrillers. They love creating characters that are not easy to classify as good or evil, and firmly believe that even some villains deserve their happy endings. It is easiest to find them in galleries, good restaurants, and historical sites, always with a computer or notebook, because for Kat and Agnes, every day is writing day. Future plans include lots of travel and a villa on the coast of Italy or a flat in Paris where they could retire after yet another crazy venture, only to write more hot homoerotic stories. They love to hear from readers, who can e-mail them at or find them at their website, Facebook, Goodreads, or on Twitter @KA_Merikan and @AgnesMerikan.