Monday, January 6, 2014

Angel's Honor by Erin M. Leaf

Raphael had no idea what he was getting into when he went to Castle Archangel to study the People’s oral history. He didn't expect his wings to suddenly change from brown to the purest white—the mark of an Omega, the destined mate of the Alpha. There has never been a male Omega before, not in all the millennia angels have flown the skies of Earth. However, when Raphael meets ebony-winged Gabriel, the true leader of the People, he knows he wants this man more than anything. Change is not always bad.

When Gabriel’s wings suddenly turn to startling ebony, he must deal with the knowledge that he is an Alpha, a leader of the angels. When he discovers that his destined mate is a man, he must accept that being Alpha of the People means accepting more than he’d expected. When their current leader challenges him, accusing Gabriel of committing one of the People’s most dishonorable crimes, Gabriel must fight: for his honor, for his mate, and for the survival of the angels.

This was a refreshing new take on angels. The angels are integrated into the human world and are not the immortal beings normally pictured, though things begin to change when the epic mating between Gabriel and Raphael begins. This book was awesome and refreshing both because the length was enough to cover the story without seeming rushed and the unique take on the subject. I am looking forward to more from this series.

5 Smooches for Angel's Honor. You can find it here.

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