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Can This Be Real Blog Tour!

We have LE Franks on our blog today on her Can This Be Real Blog Tour! Come hear about what spawned the story and enter to win the giveaway!

My Love of a Chef – And Why I’d Never Want to Be in Christian De Guisse’s Shoes

When I saw MLR Press’s submission call for a “Foodie” themed story I leapt at the chance. I love to write about food. It’s everywhere in my books. It’s 100% relatable for the reader since everyone eats. It’s a great hook into the meat of any story.

And because I used to cater private parties and weddings in my twenties, I’m comfortable writing about cooking. I know how a well-balanced chef’s knife feels in my hand, I know the bustle of a popular restaurant, and I've always had a highly developed sense of smell and therefore taste, so I have an easier time describing the food presented in my stories.

So when I throw my perfectly lovely chef’s life into turmoil—he’s cheated on, his career in NYC is trashed, and he’s exiled to a place (to him) that is likened to the wilds of Siberia—instead of giving him a comfortable landing, I send him straight into the orbit of a detective who couldn't care less about his gift.

Personally, cooking—bringing people into my home to host them—is an intimate expression of my love and care. It’s a deep part of my pathology…the need to bring people to my table, to feed them. And so I know for my chef Christian, he has that need as well. A large part of his identity is expressing himself through his food.

So to meet a man that he’s instantly attracted to but who is completely indifferent to food is a blow to Christian’s ego, and that conflict makes writing this story fun.



Chef Christian De Guisse can't trust a man who doesn't love his food, while Detective Andrew Simmons won't let any man close who thinks he's broken---somewhere between these two points, love is possible, but only if they get real.

When Chef Christian De Guisse accidently outs Celebrity Chef Jordan Slayer during a fight in front of The Times entertainment reporter---it only gets Christian ex-boyfriend status and a one-way plane ticket to culinary exile in Oregon. But a fortuitous meeting with Detective Andrew Simmons at the Portland airport keeps Christian and his collection of exotic herbs out of the hands of Homeland Security, starting the chemistry simmering between them. Andy isn't much of a foodie and for a chef who communicates love through his cooking this may be one hurdle too high...until they're finally ready to get real.

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LE Franks lives in the SF Bay Area, surrounded by inspiration everywhere. After years of ignoring the voices in her head, LE is finally taking off the filters and giving the stories free rein. These days, she can be found frequently writing about sexy men who desperately need a happily ever.

LE writes M/M Romance in a unique mix of humor and drama with enough suspense to produce fast paced stories filled with emotion and passion and featuring characters that are quirky and complicated. LE’s men are living in the margins--they're in the middle of their journey, doing the best they can while searching for a connection to something bigger than themselves. With a little effort and a lot of luck they may actually find their happily-ever-afters.

Published by MLR, DreamSpinner, and WildeCity Presses.

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