Thursday, December 19, 2013

Claiming Their Human by Eva Evans

Caleb hates the fact his small fishing town has turned into a tourist trap. After an alleged alien sighting near the marina, everyone is trying to make money off the spectacle. Overnight vendors and obtrusive billboards replace the beautiful views of the ocean. It isn't until two muscular men drag him to their spacecraft that he second guesses his beliefs.

Zane and Kross have traveled across the galaxy to find their human mate. They've been searching for years, so when they find Caleb, they're beyond thrilled. One thing they didn't plan on was his reluctance to their abduction. But they won't leave Earth without their human.

Caleb soon realizes he has nothing of value left on Earth. His gorgeous alien captors promise him love, excitement, and the best sex he's ever had. Somewhere along the way to their planet, he decides their new menage relationship is actually a blessing in disguise.

This was a good book though a bit short. Some of the parts seemed a bit rushed to fit the length. Caleb seems to accept being whisked off across the universe too easily. It was like one line he was resisting and then the next he had instantly reflected on his life and was like "OK Lets go!". I just wished there was a bit more content between the covers to round out the story a bit. Good story though and looking forward to more in the series.

4 Smooches for Claiming Their Human. You can find it here.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bond of a Lycaon Concubine by Talon p.s. and Princess s.o.

"So you think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Think again..."

Raina grew up with the faint memories of her grandmother's fairytales. Tales that told her she was a part of something far greater than her lonely nomadic life gave existence to. But when she finds she's been among the one thing she desired most, can she let go of her more human-raising to submit to it?

Tristan has had a wild hunger for the saucy minx ever since she started working at the Hell hound Tavern. When a close call with a rival pack meant risking exposing the beast he was to Raina, he wasn't expecting her to submit to the beast as his mate. As the Beta to the pack Alpha, Tristan can't keep a mate to himself, but the secret she holds says otherwise.

But keeping a Lycaon Concubine might mean leaving the pack in order to protect his Alpha, who's status has kept a pack of 500 strong and safe for generations.

This was a good book,though some of the parts were a bit slow and the writing style took a bit to get used to with changing characters. However after that this was a good book and it almost felt that it had a bit more story to go over before the end. I wish there had been a bit more to round out the new relationship that blossoms near the end instead of just dropping off. Other than that, good book and good story.

4 Smooches for Bond of a Lycaon Concubine. You can find it here.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fish and Ghosts by Rhys Ford

When his Uncle Mortimer died and left him Hoxne Grange, the family’s Gilded Age estate, Tristan Pryce knew he wasn't going to have an easy time of it. He was to be the second generation of Pryces to serve as a caretaker for the estate, a way station for spirits on their final steps to the afterlife. The ghosts were the simple part. He’d been seeing boo-wigglies since he was a child. No, the difficult part was his own family. Determined to establish Tristan’s insanity, his loving relatives hire Dr. Wolf Kincaid and his paranormal researchers, Hellsinger Investigations, to prove the Grange is not haunted.

Skeptic Wolf Kincaid has made it his life’s work to debunk the supernatural. After years of cons and fakes, he can’t wait to reveal the Grange’s ghostly activity is just badly leveled floorboards and a drafty old house. The Grange has more than a few surprises for him, including its prickly, reclusive owner.

Tristan Pryce is much less insane and much more attractive than Wolf wants to admit and when his Hellsinger team unwittingly release a ghostly serial killer on the Grange, Wolf is torn between his skepticism and protecting the man he’d been sent to discredit.

This was an awesome story with the perfect balance of the romance and action. Just the right amount to keep it interesting. Wolf and Tristan are both well written characters and they play off each other really well. Even though Wolf was hired to bring Tristan down, the sparks fly and Tristan has enough fire to keep Wolf on his toes. Over all, I would recommend this great book to everyone.

5 Smooches for Fish and Ghosts. Available as an e-book here or paperback here.