Thursday, December 19, 2013

Claiming Their Human by Eva Evans

Caleb hates the fact his small fishing town has turned into a tourist trap. After an alleged alien sighting near the marina, everyone is trying to make money off the spectacle. Overnight vendors and obtrusive billboards replace the beautiful views of the ocean. It isn't until two muscular men drag him to their spacecraft that he second guesses his beliefs.

Zane and Kross have traveled across the galaxy to find their human mate. They've been searching for years, so when they find Caleb, they're beyond thrilled. One thing they didn't plan on was his reluctance to their abduction. But they won't leave Earth without their human.

Caleb soon realizes he has nothing of value left on Earth. His gorgeous alien captors promise him love, excitement, and the best sex he's ever had. Somewhere along the way to their planet, he decides their new menage relationship is actually a blessing in disguise.

This was a good book though a bit short. Some of the parts seemed a bit rushed to fit the length. Caleb seems to accept being whisked off across the universe too easily. It was like one line he was resisting and then the next he had instantly reflected on his life and was like "OK Lets go!". I just wished there was a bit more content between the covers to round out the story a bit. Good story though and looking forward to more in the series.

4 Smooches for Claiming Their Human. You can find it here.

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