Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turning the Tables Anthology

You know how the saying goes: turnabout is fair play. That means it's time for boyfriend to bend over. These four stories all feature women who might not wear the pants in the relationship, but who do take a turn wearing the cock. Whether it's the woman taking a turn receiving a blow job or otherwise taking charge in the bedroom, once you slide on a strap-on, power dynamics change. And that's just what these tales examine, with all the steamy consequences.

Zara's husband David, one of the twin heads of a premier biotech company, may not quite be what he seems. His violent history, long suppressed with a neural implant, is re-emerging in strange ways, and he—or his twin brother—may be Double Dealing with their identities. It will take cleverness, courage, and the services of a world class hacker to untangle the web of deception around the brothers Gemini. Then, is it happily ever after for William and Jenny... and her husband, Alex? Will knows he's loved, but he's still the third wheel in a married couple's household. It's up to Jenny and Alex to prove to him that his place in their hearts has the Permanency he desires.

Except for a couple of gems in the book, all together this anthology was so-so. The first story, Double Dealing, was confusing because it tried to incorporate both reality and cyberspace. The third story, Phallusy, was supposed to be like a fairy tale but to me it was a bit corny and cheesy. The second, Permanency, and last story, Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant, were the ones I liked. They had something a bit more and were totally romantic and all around enjoyable to read. The characters were believable and the stories themselves were easy to follow. I would totally read these two stories again.

3 ½ smooches for Turning the Tables Anthology. You can find it here.

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