Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stanley's Scent by Lacey Denair

Stanley Vargas is an accountant for the FBI. When he’s enlisted to go on assignment he jumps at the offer, tired of the stogy ordeal of office life. Stanley is a skunk shifter, with mad computer skills. This mission, however, could make his career or get him killed.

Mason Nichols, beta for alpha Andrei Kozlov’s werewolf pack, has reached his limit dealing with the man. After another particularly insane meeting, Mason snaps, challenging Andrei to become Alpha, and soon dispatching the wolf.

When the two men meet and learn they’re mates and that Stanley is an accountant, Mason thinks he has found the help he sorely needs.

His mate accepts his request and the two begin an adventure that gets them and their pack into dire straits with Stanley’s employers, the IRS, Russian Mob, and Columbian cartels.

Will Stanley be forced to do the FBI’s bidding?
Or will he finally do... what’s right for his beloved.

For me the book was really enjoyable but the writing was a bit confusing at times. At times, I had to reread a section to sort out which character the view point was from because the point of view jumps around a bit with no breaks in the story. However this didn't detract from the overall story between Stanley and Mason. The interactions between them are passionate and the time passing in the book as well which is a nice touch and rounds out the story. Except for the point of view jumping I loved the book and look forward to more with these characters.

Overall 4 Smooches for Stanley’s Scent by Lacey Denair

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